Looking New

Monday, June 01, 2009

As you probably noticed, I just gave my blog a fresh new look....When I checked in this morning to do a new post, I forgot that I had changed everything and actually thought that I was at a blog besides my own! I'm not sure if I like this bright new look yet. What do you all think of it?

These last few months, my family has been having the privilege of meeting and spending time with new people. We have traveled far and wide going to conferences, family retreats, meetings, etc. As someone who loves to travel I'm almost always up for some sort of trip. When new people and places are involved, I get that much more excited.

For me, these getaways have been great for a number of reasons:

- the house is clean when we leave and I have an excuse to pursue cleanly perfection

- the van is in order with the luggage area neatly packed and arranged, snacks and drinks to go around, etc.

- the Biblical teaching and discussions are such a blessing

- the new faces and old faces that eagerly wait to meet, greet, and speak with you

- the scenery between here and wherever we go is always worth seeing

- we come home feeling refreshed, often times closer together, and ready to live out loud

Why do you enjoy taking trips?


  1. Fun summery new look, Victoria! It's A+!
    I love taking trips because I meet new people, get to see relatives, and spend several uninterrupted hours in the car napping, reading, or doing whatever my heart desires! Your trips sound fun!

  2. I detected a theme amongst your list of your favorite parts of travelling...organization! ;-) Unfortunately, we don't always succeed at leaving the house clean, but the thing I most enjoy is similiar to Lauren's...forced relaxation! Cute new look too--perfect for summer!

  3. Hey Ms. Sis -

    This looks like one of your skirts - almost. The one that is the wallpaper or background or whaterver - on my phone.

    I like the trips, too - especially the ones that have teaching at the other end. You know? I get so full and LOVE to have my pitiful little fire fanned.

    I'm bummed the Women's Retreat was cancelled - but I'm excited that you get to go help with the camps.

    Love you -

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone :)

    Lauren - I admire you for making such good use of travel time. I've received many letters that you've written in the car and your penmanship never gives you away!

    Mikaela - You've got me figured out. My middle name is close enough to Martha, and it's a struggle not to let that side of me to dominate!

    Mom - I'd hardly call you flame 'pitiful', God has blessed you with much faith, wisdom, and a flame that has caught our family on fire. Remember - He's not finished with us yet!


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