What Do You Like Most

Monday, August 24, 2009

When you read a blog what do you like most? What keeps you interested and coming back for more?

Is it: 

Deep thoughts


Short Posts


Long Posts

Certain Topics on Certain Days

Posting by Series

....I might change, I might not, but I'm just wondering what OTHERS enjoy! So here's your chance to tell me what YOU think!


  1. Great question, Victoria! I like deep thoughts, pictures, and posting by series.
    It will be interesting to see what others say, though!

  2. Victoria...
    I am SO sorry!! I confused you with another girl's blog!! UGH! That's the SECOND time that's happened to me! Sorry, girl! :( Um...I think I enjoy the long posts on just a variety of topics. That's my take on it. :)
    ~Miss Raquel

  3. Deep thoughts and pictures...that's my preference!

  4. I like whatever you write, Ms. Sis *smile*


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