We Are the Church

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Those of us who have been saved by God through the blood of Jesus and are now walking according to the leading of the Holy Spirit are the Church.

Wherever we go the Church is. The Body of Christ is walking the earth today through the lives of God's people.

Many of us come together on Sundays, but is that really enough? I think not. Each of us has a different place that should also be a meeting place: our homes.

I have just finished reading "A Church in the House" by Matthew Henry.

As I told a friend, it's got me praying for the home I live in now as well as the home I hope to have someday and especially the man that will be leading it.

"A Church in the House" challenges each Christian home to BE the Church. Like the early Church, we must be dedicated, devoted, serious about knowing God and making Him known.

Our homes will be places where the Bible is read, and prayers, praises, and confessions are taken to the throne of God each and every day.

Our moment by moment lives will be manifestations of God's work in our hearts.

Is your home a church?
As women, how can we encourage the men of our homes to lead in this great calling God has placed on their lives?


  1. Wow--what a challenging post! I must read that book! I think women go a long ways towards developing the spirit of the home. That is, a woman can create a home atmosphere that lends itself to worship of God or worship of self. Sticking to a schedule, teaching the children the ways of God, putting on worshipful music, etc. Also, the wife can help keep the husband accountable with devotions--they can work together on that! So many good ideas are springing from your thoughts!

  2. Thanks for the comment and sharing your thoughts, Lauren!

  3. I agree with Lauren's comment. Women have a HUGE effect on the attitudes in the home. While I'm at college if I come home with a grumpy attitude and the men here at the house see me like that they tend to not want to hear about my day and they become uncomfortable and irritated. I've really been trying to make a point of coming home cheerful and happy to share the company of all those around me. It's really the least I can do. Thanks Victoria!


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