Lemonade With Ryle: Final Thoughts on Pt. 2

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The practical side of all this is quite simple.

Just as you feed and clothe him and keep a schedule for him, so he needs you to teach him wisdom.

As his body and abilities grow, he begins to feed himself, dress himself, and manage his own time.
When those days come, his mind and his understanding should have grown as well. He must now begin to feed himself the Word, dress himself in the armor of God, and steward his own gifts for the kingdom of heaven.

He is inclined to do himself harm, that's sin in a nutshell, he needs you to make war against his sin and teach him to do the same.

Begin pointing your children to heaven when they are first born. Begin training them for heaven immediately.

Pray for your unborn children. Pray that God would guide you, direct you, and give you the strength you need. Pray for their hearts and minds.

As your family grows, so shall your joy in the Lord.

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