Once Upon a Saturday

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another weekend is over and with it another holiday has come and gone...I get the horrible daughter of the year award! I made sure to be there to spend the holiday with my Mom but that is all I had for her this year.

Saturday marked the first official cook out of the season. It was HOT and perfect.

Sunday was (of course) Mother's Day. There was face timing, chalk drawing, a dinner with friends, and "Lincoln" watching. My Mom is an AMAZING woman and yet honoring her on the holiday marked for it was PATHETIC. She's reading this shaking her head I'm sure...I love you and you know it, Mom, even when I STINK at helping you know it!


LAST weekend, my brother and sister asked me to put together an obstacle course for them. I looked around for things to set up and hours worth of fun was born...The time JUNK came in handy, or something like that!

They ran, jumped, crab walked, crawled, balanced on a barrel, carried water, dribbled, and jump roped....OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. The scores got faster and slower. "Hey, Mom, watch this!!!!" was shouted. Videos were made, pictures were taken, and I hope another fun memory was added to the banks. 

Every now and then a quiet Saturday at home turns into something a little less quiet. I love those days!!!


Uno mas, Meh-Mah.....I LOVE you and I'm GLAD you're my Mom and my best friend! There may not be any grandbabies, but there are still plenty of good times. :) 


  1. You are such a great sister!
    That obstacle course looks like so much fun!

  2. MehMah4:08 PM

    The great thing about being behind on reading is that I wasn't shaking my head, I was thinking, "Well, I'm sure we had a grand time on Mother's Day. I'm sure it was suitably marvelous!"

    I'm sure the day was perfect - and I know I spent it with all my kids - some near, one far - so it was great!


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