A Reading Challenge

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Last year I really enjoyed taking part in Anne's reading challenge. You'll have to stay tuned for an update on how that went because today we're going to chat about THIS year's challenge. Anne came up with 12 new categories and I've already decided that the "a book recommended by your local librarian or bookseller" is going to be my favorite square to prepare for.

I love getting recommendations from someone else. After I've read the book, I always try to go back to talk to them about it. There's nothing like having a friend or librarian who knows your reading tastes and is always has another perfect suggestion for you.

I spent some time on good reads putting together a rough reading list for 2016 and I'm looking forward to using Anne's categories to mix things up a little bit! Be sure to visit Anne's blog to grab a printable copy of your own.

In the meantime, here are a few books that I hope to read over the next few months:

"A Week In Winter" by Maeve Binchy // Years ago, Julie oohed and aahed over Binchy when I checked out her book titled "Minding Frankie" one summer. I've had my eye on this one ever since and I've been waiting for the perfect week in winter to read it in.

"Greenglass House" by Kate Milford // This YA caught my eye when Anne or Emily was reading it and I'm hoping that it might be similar to "The Mysterious Howling". If it is, I'll definitely be passing it around. Who knows, I might even be able to finish it in one day. 

"Faithfulness and Holiness" by J.I. Packer // For the last few years, I've spent a little time near the beginning of the year with my nose poked into one of Packer's books. It's a tradition that I've grown to love and one I plan to keep doing even if it doesn't fit into this year's challenge. I'm extra excited that this book happens to be about J.C. Ryle.

"The Four Loves" by C.S. Lewis // Jayda read this forever ago and told me that I HAD to read it. I haven't yet and I guess that's because this is a book that intimidates me. The time to dive in is now.

"Winter Garden" by Kristin Hannah // This may be the second book on my list not to fit into a category, but with all the snow that continues to pile up I'm in the mood for some winter themed reading. I'm hoping the garden element will fit in nicely with the dreaming about this years plants that I'll be doing really soon.

Are you taking part in Anne's reading challenge this year?

Do you ever set reading goals for yourself? 


  1. I love that option for a book too! Librarians always have great suggestions. Are you familiar with Kate from Begin Anyway (http://beginanyway.blogspot.com)? She's a librarian at a high school and always reads, reviews, and recommends the best things!

    I never can follow a list like this because I like to find things as I go throughout the year. I have books in my "to be read" queue for so long now that I couldn't possible add more just based on a checklist! It would get too crazy, haha.

  2. I still haven't picked out my reads! I'll be at the library today for something to read over the weekend.

  3. I need to check out that The Four Loves book! I love CS Lewis!

  4. Okay, I LOVE this reading challenge! It has great categories and 12 books. Which is the number I'm aiming to read this year. I hope to read more, but last year I set too high of a number. This is just right. I'm picking my books today!


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