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Monday, May 23, 2016

You guys, summer is just around the corner. I keep forgetting that all this rain and the warm days are signs of the shift into the next season. I think moving/not moving really messed with me. I keep thinking "there is no such thing as normal", while wondering if it will come around again. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) seems to have been on the brink of change.

Not normal has been pretty fantastic. Explaining it again and again is a constant reminder that what we've been up to since the end of August is strange and unusual and something that I should probably be really grateful for.

Summer is going to be more of the same. Until then, I pulled some pictures off of the computer to share with all of you! 

 march 20

We spent the first part of the spring taking part in my brother and sister's DREAM show. They got cast in Seussical and couldn't have been happier about it. The cast itself was truly amazing. Their first rehearsal sounded as though they had all been singing together for YEARS. It was the first time that most of them had ever been in the same room. Not only did they sing well together, they also became such good friends that all of them wished they could take everyone with them to their next show.  

march 23
Next up was spring break. My brother and sister spent most of it filming and editing a movie. It was so much fun to see them plan it and design costumes and then spend every spare moment heading outside to get the shots they needed. I even got called in to be the special effects master (okay, it consisted of throwing a stick and running out of the shot as quickly as I could, but it was a very important part to play! ;)). 

march 28
We love watching cooking competition shows. Anything Alton brown, Chopped, and Food Network Star are three of our favorites. I'm trying to get us into Guy's Grocery Games too. Anyway....If the food I make is extra pretty my brother and sister will sometimes take pictures of it. They do all the "plating" and staging, and I usually won't even know about the picture until I'm putting the pictures onto the computer from my camera. I THINK this masterpiece was created by my sister. I guess the burritos were a hit! 

april 18
And...For my brother's next show, it was time for a haircut. He hasn't had a REAL haircut since last summer, so it was a long time coming. People were ALWAYS commenting on his mop, but that didn't stop him. It came in handy for his role in Suessical!!!! All that hair meant not having to wear a wig. But...The time to chop it off came and we were all wondering what he would look like...

Pretty sharp, if you ask me!!!! I took a few pictures while we were waiting, so I'll share them too!

I could add pictures of my sister's birthday, the actual show that the haircut starred in (ha!), my sister's graduation, and work around the house....but, I'll stop for now!

What have you been up to?

Do you believe in "normal" these days? 


  1. So much fun family time! I bet your siblings were awesome in Suessical! And I bet you were the BEST stick-thrower EVER! :)

  2. I'm not even convinced that "normal" is a thing anymore! ha!
    I owe you an email ;)


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