August Playlist || The Rap Edition

Sunday, August 28, 2016

July 2009
One of the most shocking things that people learn about me is that I'm crazy about hip hop. If I'm in the car by myself (or with a willing or not so willing passenger), there is one kind of music that you can expect to hear blasting through the speakers.

Summer is the season for mixtapes. If I was going to make one, these are the songs that would be on it right now! Each one features one of my favorite rappers bringing TRUTH to their listeners...

I'm A Believer - Tedashii

You Will - Andy Mineo

Cling To You - Trip Lee

This Songs for You - Tedashii

Hello Change - Sho Baraka 

I know...It's not for everyone.

What would be on your mixtape based on the songs you've had on repeat lately?

On a more serious note...A rapper is nothing without a DJ. Cross Movement was my introduction to Christian Hip Hop and their DJ, Nelson Chu, went on to work with many of the new names who were coming to the stage. Please, pray for this man's family. He stepped down from his role a few years ago because of health issues. He recently passed away after complications from a lung transplant. I praise God for his life and his gift. It's an honor to pray for his family and to ask you to do the same! 

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  1. YES GIRL YESSSSSSSSS. I also secretly love rap, even though I don't listen to it as much as I used to. Thanks for these suggestions!!!! Is that picture from Creation NW?! Also Cross Movement did a show at my (somewhat small) church growing up, before they were big. So sad about their DJ!


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