Thursday, July 09, 2009

The ladies at GirlTalk are starting a series on hospitality. 

If you're not familiar with them, I'd encourage you to head over for a visit. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. 

Here is a favorite highlight of the posts that have been made so far:


Hospitality is a love of strangers. “It is to show kindness to strangers in such a way  that they cease to be strangers.” It is “A concrete and personal expression of Christian love, intended to include strangers in a circle of care.” (New Dictionary of Biblical Theology)

A “stranger” isn’t merely a person you’ve never laid eyes on before. So often, people in our churches, neighborhoods, jobs, schools, and even extended family are strangers. Even though we see them every day, we hardly know them. 

But when someone walks through our front door, a tangible, powerful thing happens. There is a fundamental change in our relationship. People who were once strangers cease to be strangers. They become a guest, and even a friend.

As someone that is said to be gifted in this area, this series has caught my attention for sure! Please feel free to jump back here for a discussion of any points that interest, challenge, or inspire you! 

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