It's a New Day

Monday, January 04, 2010

After taking a little break from blogging, I'm back.

Not much has happened over the last few weeks. But, then again, it has! We've done some traveling, had people travel to our house, celebrated Christmas and New Years, done some serious cleaning/organizing/painting, and the list could go on!

One thing that the Lord has been teaching me lately is that Jesus Christ is more than enough.

He is more than enough to satisfy me.

He is more than enough to save me.

He is more than enough to make me righteous in the eyes of God.

It's all because of Jesus that I am who am I in this world and in the kingdom of God.

I tend to be a "doer". Yes, good works are important, but they do not save me nor add to my salvation. I have realized that I've sort of gotten caught up in "doing" and in so doing have taken my eyes off of what Jesus did once and for all to save me from my bondage to sin and guilt before our Holy God.

I must let my good works flow out of my love for God. I must let my good works be a testimony to His work in my life. By doing this, I will be resting in the Gospel and the works will be genuine.

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