Living a Disciplined Life

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Over the last three and half years or so, God has been teaching me a thing or two about discipline.

I'm not merely talking about spankings, being grounded, or receiving correction....
I'm talking about living a disciplined life.

There is room for discipline in all areas of life:

Growing in Godliness



Time Management



You get the picture!

I wanted to spend some time talking about the practical side of actually living a disciplined life, day-by-day.

Are there any areas in your life where God has led your or is leading you to be more disciplined?


  1. Typo in the last line...and yes, there are many areas where I need more discipline. I was just thinking about this after reading through the first couple books of the Bible. Cleanliness was very, very important to the Lord - and no, I'm not going to start taking baths all the time. However, it made me think about how he is constantly cleansing us. I watched My Fair Lady today for the first time in a very long time. Not very godly entertainment - but lots and lots of object lessons of what NOT to do. Of Jay says - when they train people about counterfeit money - they don't show them counterfeit they show them the real thing so when they see the fake they will recognize it. I can't bring myself to chuck it (yet), but it is definitely going to the back of the shelf.

    Love you -

  2. Hmmm...many of those are areas He is working on in my life even now! Is there an almost all of the above answer? (-: I can't wait to hear more on this from you!


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