Lion's Anthem

Friday, April 23, 2010

Even though this is not my favorite song on the album, it does have some of the best lyrics.

Here are the lyrics:

~Verse 1~
This counter culture rapping
False Idol smashing
Tap a friend ask them, is this lion attacking
We're ready for action, break the cage we were trapped in
You might want watch out my dude
Get your L's up
Let me tell you about some lions who's running the streets
Pam is a podiatrist, yeah, she has beautiful feet
Raheem is a boxer, he's beaten the best
But the hardest fight is when he is daily fighting flesh
Marco is a trainer he's training Raheem
He teaching him to be a man in and out the ring
Joy is a young sister, singer by title
She's on her Paula Abdul, she left American idols
Yeah I know a doctor, his name is Jason
He prays the Lord keeps working on his patients (patience)
Yeah Yeah the saints up in the house
If you're repping in the jungle, give a big lion shout to

Gentlemen, Royalty, Priesthood, Peace Makers, Leaders, Unashamed Brothers get your Ls up
Ladies, Queens, Princesses, Trendsetters, Righteous, Virtuous Sisters, get your L's up
Lions, Lovers, Servants, hate sin, hate lies, Household of Faith get your L's up
So get your L's in the Air

Verse 2

Look at Sarah she's a beast with a comb and hairbrush
Yeah she does hair but she really knows the Heir
Who makes the flattops, wave, and the shiner
I guess its safe to say she knows her Designer
Carlos sells shoe like nikes, chucks, and timbos
So in many ways he used to save souls
Jimmy a fisherman he's got new purpose
he's fishin for souls yeah he's causing networking
Paul trades stocks and he keeps that money coming
When it's 99 cents he's trying to make it 100
But my man Paul's not defined by the dollar
He's clothed in righteousness whether white or blue collar
Ming works at a law firm out in Las Vegas
But his favorite thing to do is that cross examination
Ok, the saints up in the house
If you're repping in the jungle, give a big lion shout to


Verse 3

Ahmad writes for magazines English was his minor
When he walks in the spirit he has a ghost writer
Kiesha owns a bakery with her husband Ramon
They always tells their kids not to live off that bread alone
Keith plays basketball and everywhere he goes
He a defense for the faith, he stays in the zone
Theo is an officer, this might sound crazy
He's the only cop I know that wakes up to die daily
Dane teaches kids how to multiple and add
She knows that 3 equals 1 that's that biblical math
I know a Lion Steve who wears post office blue
Even on his off days he delivers Good News
My cousin at the IRS his name is Thomas
On many different levels he deals with false prophets (false profits)
Yes, Lord! The saints up in the house
If you're repping in the jungle, give a big lion shout to


*For everyone wondering what "get your Ls up" means:
Sho Baraka is known for getting the crowd to use their index finger and thumb to form an "L" and wave them in the air when he raps. This was especially popular with his song "Higher Love". In this case, he's calling for that as well as getting up and BEING a lion! *

Come back next Friday for a big lion shout!

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