A Testimony pt. 2

Friday, May 27, 2011

Through it all I have been looking at convictions vs. preferences. A conviction is something that we know we ought to do. We joyfully live by our convictions by the grace of God for the glory of His name, living set apart in holiness in a world full of sin. While we should continually being growing toward maturity, convictions shouldn't change too much. Preferences on the other hand are things we do simply because they are "lawful" and we enjoy them. They do change with time and that is okay.

Those who know me, know that my life does look different. I thank God for the ways that He has made me and continues to bring me toward the righteousness that is mine in Jesus. I say it again, I live set apart by His grace alone. Without His grace I would turn back to my old ways in a heartbeat. In order to press on, I have to continue seeking that grace which comes through fellowship with God and being taught by His Word.

I have to admit, most of my struggles lately are a result of neglecting my soul. No matter what is going on around me or in the lives of those people I love most, my soul should be secure in God. My struggles are proof that I am weak. That there is no good in me apart from Christ.

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