January 365

Monday, April 15, 2013

I just found this post in my draft folder...I started the year off attempting to do a 365 project using my other camera. Apparently life happened because I forgot all about this post and I haven't even picked up that camera in months! o

 Here are the first 9 days of that project. 


I'm going to TRY to do 365 this year and stick to it. 

For now, I'm using projectlife365's prompts. I may not use them everyday. 

With the goal to DRINK as much as I can this year, I decided to start with JI Packer's book "A Passion for Faithfulness". Going through Nehemiah with Packer is already reminding me how much I enjoy what he has to say and the style he writes with.

Celebrated new years with the family this year. We played Settlers of Catan and watched "Secretariat". After sleeping in, I had a breakfast of eggs and bacon.

My computer is READY to be picked up. Went to pick it up and despite the cold and ice and snow decided pulling out my favorite heels was a good idea. It was! So grateful to have my computer back and with fixes that didn't cost me anything this time around.

The drive was GORGEOUS. Snow covered fields and trees complimented with blue skies. If I wasn't in a hurry, I would have loved to pull over and take some pictures. Even the ugly things were made beautiful.

Still not feeling like the holidays are over just yet...

For the first day in a while, the SUN came out and the sky was BLUE right in my own neighborhood! I snapped this picture on my way to see Alice. I spent the morning with Alice and then made a run in the afternoon to pick some things up for her.

The Price Is Right was on in the waiting room at the clinic...I got to see "Bianca" go crazy throughout the whole show. She was sooo full of joy and didn't care what America thought. She was so happy that she jumped and screamed and ROLLED ON THE FLOOR when she won at the very end.

Dinner turned into all things awesome. After a day with Alice I made her famous fried chicken with sweet milk gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, and a fresh batch of sweet tea. YUM!

Spent some time this afternoon with Alice. Trip to the chiropractor and then just visiting for a little while. Eventually, I ended up in front of the fire with some mint tea and "The Hobbit". It was grey again today...Somehow, that was okay with me.

Quiet day around the house...I did laundry, hung up a few things in the bathroom, played around with my camera, watched "Strike Up the Band", and went to bed early. I may or may not have had cereal for dinner.

Epiphany!!! Today we remembered the conclusion of the Christmas story.

It SNOWED, A LOT over last night and this morning. The kids are out sledding, I'm tidying up, playing chaffuer to and from the sledding hill,  and baking cookies. I haven't baked since Christmas, so I thought it was just time! 

Slow day with a lot of THINKING. Found 2 Peter 1:3 after looking for the verse that said what it said for months! Spent some time reading and jumping around to connecting verses this afternoon. Finished off the day with more reading in Packer's "A Passion for Faithfulness".


What project did you start this year? 

Have you done a better job at sticking with it....or, did it get shelfed? 

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  1. love these. it's always fun to take pictures right? Can't wait to see you continue on the journey!


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