The Summer Stack

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I've definitely become more of a reader over the last few years. I've always enjoyed reading...I just tend to be a tad picky about what I'll read and then I take my time through each book because I never want them to end! 

This summer, I've had a growing list of things to read. I decided to stack the books together to get a picture. Turns out I've already made pretty good progress over the last month. 

What I have is quite a mix: "good story" fiction, theology, mystery, and some older books that I haven't managed to read before. 

There are some books not pictured here because I'm going to have to get them from the library or a book sale. There is at least one book that is a re-read that I need to dig out. And I am SURE that there are other books that will be added to the pile. 

What's in your summer stack? 

What should be added to mine? 

Another confession? I'm saving a few of these for LATE summer. I'll be holding off on Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon and Platt's Follow Me until at least September. By then, I'll be saying goodbye to summer (maybe) and hello to fall. Fitzgerald's seems like a nice "goodbye" book because it isn't completed and it was the last book of Fitgerald's that was published. Platt's seems like a nice "hello" book because I am sure that it will speak life to my soul. 

So there you go. Hope you're getting some good reading in too! 

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