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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

July 19, 2014

Writing: I took a little blogging break and I stayed true. I put my notebook away and I never even drafted a post! I've spent the last week and a half or whatever it was writing strictly in my journal, just like old times. 

Anticipating: The routine of fall as well as the uncertainty that this particular fall is bringing. I'm kind of done with "crazy" and "uncertain". God obviously doesn't agree, because He keeps sending it my way.  We'll be kicking things off with my birthday in just 9 short days.

Wearing: This is the time of year that I am layering everything.
Craving: An iced chai with a shot of espresso. One of those chocolate birthday cake milkshakes that I tried on Monday. A toasted marshmallow iced latte. And gingerbread. It's bad.

Missing: The thing that I miss the most right now is a solid church to be a part of. There's just something about being with other Christians that is so necessary and this living in the middle of nowhere business is not always easy.

I'm linking up with Jenna and Anne. What are YOU up to these days? 

ps - I completely forgot to tell you guys that I contributed a post over at The Quiet Place Blog last week. Click HERE if you'd like to read it. :) 


  1. well i wasn't craving all of that until i read about it! haha! love all the sweet drinks! :)

    i do not like uncertainty either, but even though times may be uncertain, God isn't! i am so thankful we can rest in that fact! :)

  2. Um, LAYERS. Yes, yes, yes. There's something about layers that really just feels good. I am so ready for the weather to cool down a bit so I can wear layers all the time (and pull out my scarves, too!).

    p.s. It sounds like you had a restful blogging break! Hooray for that! And another hooray for the fact that you're back. :)

  3. I love it when layering season returns! It just makes outfits so much more interesting. Thanks for linking up!

  4. is it already cold enough for layers yet?!?!?
    its still like 90s+ here :( :( :( :( i am so jealous!

    :( i'm so sorry that you don't have a church family to be grounded in - you're right it is incredibly important!

  5. I'm so glad that you took your break and stuck to it. I think it would be so hard to do that, so I'm proud of you! I'm so excited for layers, too! I can't wait for it to cool down a bit around here.

  6. Glad you had a good blogging break...welcome back!! Your cravings are right on point...I like the sound of all of those. I've never had espresso in my chai, but it sounds good :-)


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