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Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17, 2014

Forever ago, my friend Kiki did this kind of post and challenged me to join in. I'm finally getting around to it. Here are five pretty silly things about me that you might not necessarily know.

1. I could eat hamburgers several times a week. I always order them. They're one of my default foods. I'm practically always craving them.

2. I really want "every time" to be one word. They're not (right?). Just to be safe, I usually write the sentence so that I can use something that means the same thing but doesn't require me to make a decision.

3. I LOVE the Nutcracker Ballet. The music from it is the ONE soundtrack that has my undying devotion. Babes In Toyland (the Keanu Reeves/Drew Barrymore version) is a close second.

4. Jack (from Babes In Toyland) and Theo Huxtable were the first two men under the age of 65 that I had eyes for. Truthfully though, they were later joined by Matt Camden in making me wish that I had an older brother.

5. I've always wanted my first child to be a boy. And I'd like a set of boy/girl twins, but not as firstborn(s). Funny how we all assume that at some point we're going to have children...

What are five things about YOU that I might not necessarily know?


  1. Mehmaw8:05 PM

    1. I am SOOOOOO glad when we go to a new restaurant and you DON'T order a hamburger. Obviously, I want you to be satisfied, but it does thrill me a tiny bit when you order something other than the burger. ;-)

    2. Just type 'every single time'...

    3. Huh...I never knew. Really. ...and I've known you your whole life. I didn't think you liked classical at all.

    4. I don't know who Matt Camden is...and I always wanted a boy first myself...but glad I got you. :-D

    5. I always wanted twin boys (see #4) - they were going to be Jacob and Joshua. I also wanted them to be identical.

  2. #1 - YES! i LOVE LOVE LOVE Hamburgers, they are just so delicious!
    and i write 'everytime' together alllll the time!

  3. I'd totally take a set of boy/girl twins! I'd even take girl/girl twins. The idea of two boys at the same time is kind of terrifying, though. ;)

  4. I want hamburgers all. the. time. Definitely a great go-to food. That and popcorn. ha! And I'm the same way with every time! It bothers me that it isn't one word. And if I do get blessed with kids one day, I've always wanted a boy first as well. Mainly because growing up, I always wanted a big brother and if I have a girl, I want her to be able to have a big brother. Also, I really wouldn't mind having four boys. I've said that for awhile now. I would love to be an all boy mom. :) :)

  5. Ooooohhhhhh, I LOOOOVED your list. Now I'm asking myself why I didn't see it sooner! :)

    I'm not actually a big red meat fan and have never actually had a hamburger before. Weird, right? But if I feel like brown rice is my default food because I miss it when we're traveling and I go into rice withdrawal, haha.

    And I 100% completely agree with you on Matt Camden. I was not so much a fan of his longer hair days, but he was definitely the epitome of a cool big brother!

  6. Me too on "every time!" I always type it as one word, and then auto correct fixes it!


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