Advent 2015: Waiting On God

Monday, December 07, 2015

By the beginning of November I start planning ahead for the Advent season. This year the first Sunday came and went and I still had no idea what I was going to do. I searched and searched and not one single study or specific Scripture stood out to me. Little did I know that the book I would be using was waiting in a thrift store for just 49 cents. 

Last Wednesday (the fourth day of Advent) we decided to pop into a thrift store during the break we had between an appointment and rehearsals. After doing a search for any stores that were nearby, we pulled into the parking lot to find that they were having a major sale. My Mom and I headed straight to the bookshelves. We found some great theology books (something that doesn't happen all that often in thrift stores) that were all in excellent condition. After combing through the stack, we narrowed it down to 16 titles. 

Friday rolled around and I was still anxious about what I was going to be doing for Advent...That's when I decided to look through the small selection of books we have at this house (the rest of our books are still at the other house) to see if anything could be adapted into a study that would take me through Epiphany. 

Andrew Murray's little volume titled "Waiting on God" which happens to consist of 31 days worth of meditations on the topic seemed pretty fitting. I set to work mapping out the study with the calendar. I gathered up materials that we happened to have on hand and made a simple Advent Calendar to hang up. My plan is to read one meditation and the Scripture that goes with it each day. Along the way I will journal my thoughts and keep my eyes peeled for hymns, poems, and daily happenings that go along with what God uses my study to teach me. 

I completed the first study time this morning and I can't wait for the next 30 days!!! Everything I have I owe to God and the fact that this study seems perfectly planned by Him shouldn't come as a surprise, but if I'm honest it is causing me to stand back in awe. I have so very much to learn and the weeks leading up to Christmas following a fall spent being reminded that the grace and presence of God are my greatest treasures is going to do much for my soul. 

I'll be here studying what it means to wait on God and I'm expecting Him to teach me how to do it...Our lives are full of examples of His providence, protection, and provision. May we all see His glory in a way that we've never quite seen it before this Advent season. The glimpses have already begun!

How do you celebrate Advent? 


  1. My family has never really done advent...maybe just not a baptist thing? (I grew up in a southern baptist church.) It sounds like a wonderful idea, though! I have read a lot about it this year through different blogs.

    I love that you guys "narrowed it down" to 16 titles! ha! Sounds like me in a bookstore!

  2. What a lovely advent study you've planned. I think I may have that book! I'll have to go digging through my shelves and boxes (homeschool calamity) to see if I can locate it.


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