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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

January 1, 2015 || What kind of picture goes with a post about movies? A shot of 3 of my favs watching one together. :)

I'm one of those people who finds a good thing and sticks with it for a long time. I've used the same face wash since I started washing my face. I'll always buy Smucker's Strawberry Spread, Welch's Grape Jelly, Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, and Hellman's Mayonaise. I've been reading Mary Higgins Clark since jr. high and will keep reading as long as she's writing. If his name is George I'll probably love him (my Ghiddu, Mr. Washington, and Mr. Whitefield happen to be three Georges I'm crazy about).

The same goes with movies. Ever since I was a little girl, I get hooked on a movie and I'm content to watch it again and again. My family likes to tease me about watching the same six movies all the time.
I never know when I'm going to stop watching one or replace it with another. It's just a quirk and one I didn't even think about until my youngest brother pointed it out to me. I don't do it on purpose and six just happens to be a number that my brother threw out there. Some movies stick around for years at a time, while others last for a couple of seasons. 

Renee asked what my current round up is, so here you go:

Last Love - This movie takes place in France where one young woman and one old man become fast friends. It's sad and touching and slow and quiet and perfect for just about any mood I'm in. 

Mostly Martha - This German movie is about a chef who finds her life turned upside down and I love it. Like Last Love, it's slow and sad and quiet, but it's perfect. It recently got removed from Amazon, so I won't be able to watch it for a while. 

How To Marry A Millionaire - Marilyn Monroe stars in this NYC based movie. It's the only movie I've ever seen her in and one I watched the first time because of New York. It's quirky and funny and the sets and costumes remind me of a time that I wish I could have seen first hand.

Desk Set - I discovered this one over Christmas break this last winter when we were had snow for a solid two weeks. It has a very similar feel to HTMM and that may be why I like it so much. It's teh story of a reference department (also in NYC) that is in danger of being replaced by a computer that is basically Google. Katharine Hepburn is fantastic in it. 

The Help - Skeeter Phelan is the one character from literature that I can relate to 100% of the time. She's tall and skinny, she loves words and cares about people, it took work to get her to be a lady, she's okay with the fact that her goals are different, and Emma Stone's rendition of her was PERFECTION. I read the book after finding it at a used booksale back in 2012 or 2013 and fell in love. I got the movie for Christmas several years ago and FINALLY opened it earlier this spring. I'll be watching it for a while. 

Maleficent - We rented this movie from Amazon several winters ago with a credit we had and proceeded to watch it two times before the rental expired. My Mom and I rented it and watched it by ourselves and loved it so much that we rounded everyone else up to watch it with us. It was that good. Since then, it's the movie I want to watch all the time. Our library has it, so I'll probably always have it on hold.

Bonus: Grantchester - is the TV series I can't get enough of. This BBC series is a spinoff of the book series by the same name. I love the first book, but each one gets worse and worse (spoiler: Sydney marries the German in the books and the writing kind of falls apart a little bit). I'm still not tired of the TV series and what they've done with it. I love Sidney and Geordie and the relationship they share. Sydney's character is to me what Mr. Darcy is to 99.9% of females over the age of 9. He's a clergyman who grapples with sin and takes it seriously, he likes jazz, he names his dog after his housekeeper's favorite word, and his best friend is breaking his heart.  Again, the time period really adds a bit of sparkle to things! This is the one movie on my list that isn't always appropriate, so if you decide to watch it,keep the remote handy because some of the themes and cases get a little too graphic (in my opinion) and  preview it before you gather your kids around to watch with you.

2 honorable mentions and 3 movies that the jury is still out on because I've only watched them once are 84 Charring Cross Road,  Canela, A Coffee in Berlin, Barbara, and Like Sunday Like Rain. 

And, you might be wondering what movies were on my list for YEARS at a time. A short run down: Beauty and the Beast, Remember the Titans, High Society, The Lake House, Annapolis, Roman Holiday, Glory Road, Inception, To Catch a Thief, Rear Window, Suspicion, Friendly Persuasion, Shadowlands, October Baby, We're No Angels, Sabrina, Babes in Toyland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...And, the list really could go on.

What's one of your quirks? 

What are some movies you've been watching again and again?


  1. We own Remember the Titans because my older two loved it and so did I. I bought Roman Holiday for myself about 2 years ago. I always caught it on TV half way through and hadn't seen the whole thing in a long time. Finding it in the $5 bin was just icing on the cake for me. Also, Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson is a favorite I own and watch over and over again. (I don't have to mention Pride and Prejudice...) You already heard about the others on my list. ;)

    1. Mehmaw7:57 PM

      Ask her how many times she watched Roman Holiday before she saw the ending!

  2. How have I not seen Desk Set?! I love both Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn! And I love that you like to watch the same movies over and over. If it isn't broke, why fix it? ;)

  3. I like to re-watch musicals. Fiddler on the Roof is probably my favorite. For some reason, I enjoy watching Walk the Line and have watched it several times....again, I think it's the music.


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