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Friday, September 16, 2016

FYI: I'm having major issues this afternoon. The font won't cooperate with formatting and when I click "update" to save changes on the formatting to see if it worked, a new post is created. Something is wacky, but I'll fix it as soon as I can. :) 
 I've had this post sitting in my draft folder collecting additions for a few weeks. As I write this, the air is crisp, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I can hear my neighbor's lawn mower which reminds me that summer is still hanging on. I love the way summer hangs on. Don't you? 

Everything that I predicted about the first weeks of September was right on. We've been coming and going at all hours of the day and night. If you care for a recap, here it is:

On Sunday, Aubry texted us to invite us over to the S's house for hot chocolate and a hang out. It was nearly 8:30pm...I went, but it felt so strange to head out at that time of night. We stood around visiting and snacking and pretty soon everyone decided to pull out some games. My sister played cribbage and I joined the rest of the people for some Liar.

On Monday, my brother had his first day of homeschool co-op, my sister surprised me with a three part birthday excursion (pictures and a post to come!), and my birthday dinner was squeezed in between the latest round of auditions and call backs.

Tuesday through Thursday were full of the usual things like more boxes being brought up and rearranged, helping my sister pack for her upcoming trip to Ohio for her friend's wedding (since when is my little sister old enough to have friends getting married???), appointments, house viewings (still nothing on that front), shopping for a dress for said wedding, and basically, the feeling that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE.

Last night, my brother had a performance during CYT's orientation session. Afterwards we (all of us + a slew of their theatre friends) went to see Finding Dory. Have you seen it yet? Oh, man...I cried. I think I enjoyed it even more than I did Finding Nemo. And just think, I almost didn't go!

So, that's life. Now, to get to what I'm into.

My Reading Chair

Fall reading is probably my favorite reading. The days are growing shorter, but there is still room to take a book outside when the sun warms the side of the house every now and then. During the fall months, I love cozying up with historical fiction, biographies, literary fiction, or a really good mystery. I'm currently reading "Dead Man's Folly" by Agatha Christie.

I'm super intentional about the books I read in the weeks leading up to putting another candle on my cake. This year I chose two books. You can read more about them here.

The two books from my summer reading list that I will be suggesting for a good long while are: "The Lake House" by Kate Morton and "Rediscovering Holiness" by J.I. Packer.

 In the Kitchen 

It's been all about comfort food lately. Think of dinners that consist of things like bbq chicken with mashed potatoes and peas (made this on the 29th of August). Speaking of dinners...We're still not back into the swing of me having people around to cook for. Not cooking really throws me off. I'm hoping we figure it out soon. I need to cook and they need to eat GOOD meals.

I'm excited to do more baking. Cinnamon rolls (check), biscuits, banana bread (check), cinnamon raisin quick bread, and who knows what else I'll dream up.

I made a batch of Clam Chowder the last time it rained and I can't wait to put soup back into rotation.

I'm treating every tiny watermelon I buy as "the last one" while secretly hoping that I can keep picking them up for $2.96 for weeks to come (update: I'm pretty sure the last one, was the last one).

Sneak peek at the birthday shenanigans from Monday.
Around the Internet

This typing game my Mom found. My best score so far is a high of 115 wpm, an average of 96 wpm, and anywhere from 76-100% accuracy.

FB Memories. I'm really into seeing what I posted and what people shared with me over the years. Lately, I keep seeing REALLY good things that I posted five and six years ago. Those were some TOUGH years, but looking back on what I was choosing to dwell on is really encouraging to me now.

This video. We have this table too. I may or may not be the genie behind its powers.

Oswald Chambers' words on abiding in and obeying Jesus Christ came just when I needed a good swift kick in the pants!

What are YOU into right now?


  1. girl your life updates make me smile! <3
    and so does your family!
    p.s. around here im over summer hanging on haha

  2. I just love your updates like these--snapshots of life that are super inspiring because 1) I'm trying to be a reader so suggested books will be great and 2) I'm the amateur meal-planner and am always taking suggestions! haha. And YAY for September birthdays!! Which day is yours again? For some reason I was thinking the 25th.........

  3. I want to check out that typing game! I love that you are intentional about the books you read leading up to your birthday.


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