5 More Things About Me pt. 5

Thursday, February 16, 2017

July 6, 2015

I have this thing with bare ankles. Unless it is WARM (pushing 80+), I need mine covered. Pants must be boot cut.

I don't watch previews if I can help it. Same goes for books. I read and watch based off of recommendations or go by what looks good.

I make up names for people. Sometimes it'll be an adjective or two. Other times it will be a name that I think fits them. Occasionally I refer to them as a person that they remind me of. I do this with real people, movie stars, and even characters in books. It's never mean, but always intentional.

My dream is to have a dining room table that is ALWAYS cleared off unless it's actively being used. You know people that have a tablecloth or a center piece or even just a "scrubbed table"? I want to be one of those people.

In a room full of people, I will gravitate towards the group of middle aged women. This has been true my entire life. It's also true online. Three of my dearest friends are closer in age to (and perhaps even older than) my Mom and were shocked to learn that I was only in my 20s.  I can remember being 3 years old and getting asked if I would prefer to play with the children. I had to assure my aunts that I would much rather sit at the table with them.

Your turn! What don't I know about YOU?

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  1. I'm curious to hear some of your names for people! ha!
    My husband is the same about previews. He feels like most trailers give away the entire plot, so he avoids when he can. I actually like watching them, especially for movies based on books I've read.


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