Feeling Blessed

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've watched my siblings grow up, my parents grow older, and God become part of our everyday lives.

It has been a road with hills, valleys, and lots and lots of mud. Somedays I felt ready to give up, but all in all, God has given each of us the strength to press on. 

As the little ones have grown older, I'm beginning to realize that I won't always be "Sissy". Before I know it, they're going to think of me as more of a peer. Many memories that I hold dear are already beginning to be forgotten by them because they truly were just too young to remember.

It is my hope that I continue to grow close to each one of my siblings and that even when we're old and gray the love we share today will not be forgotten. 

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  1. Sis -

    Just keep the memories alive by retelling the stories that are near and dear over and over again. I missed this from my siblings - though I assume they DO have some positive memories from when I was younger!!

    I am sorry there was so much 'mud' in your upbringing - still seems that I'm better at making mud pies most days instead of 'fruit of spirit' pies. However, the Lord is still working on me - just pray I will have a pliable spirit more days than not.

    I really think you should put the picture of you and Dad up on this post. The one after go-carting *smile*.

    Give the kids lots of hugs and kisses for me - and then get a double-dose from them for yourself.

    Love you all bunches -


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