Issues of the Heart

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I have finished reading the book, but my journey to godliness is far from complete. With the rest of my life ahead of me, however long or short that may be, this book has served as a piece of the building that will not crumble, burn, or fade.

Chapter Three taught me: 

God loves music, my love for it is a good thing.

"Music, like all of God's gifts, is meant to draw our hearts and attention to His glory, His power, and His love" (p.88).
As I choose music, I must choose it wisely. If it does not draw my heart and attention toward God, then it probably isn't something I should spend my time on. 

Lastly: I should own no music that I would only listen to in the case that I begin to backslide. 

Chapter Four taught me: 

How to begin considering my heart and motivations. 

Looking at "stuff" was the beginning to realizing how much of an affect materialism has had on me. 

If I let go of stuff, then I will be that much closer to embracing God at the fullest. 

It is time to dematerialize and begin holding onto the riches of Christ!

Chapter Five taught me:

That modesty is an issue that is rooted much deeper than the skin- it, like everything else, begins in the heart.

As I seek to raise my daughters and disciple other young women towards dressing (and living) modestly, I must not begin there. Instead, I must begin at the heart level. 

This is so basic, but it is something I was wrong about. This knowledge will help me to be a better witness for Christ and see the lost as He sees them.

Chapter Six taught me: 

Loving the world properly is made possible by first loving the cross. 

When I begin at the cross and let it touch every area of my life, I will be headed towards the magnificent God Story that is being laid out for man to see. 

This book is a must read for everyone. I'm excited because it sounds like I'll be going through it all again with my family. Read it prayerfully and the effects will last long after the last page has been turned!

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