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Monday, February 09, 2009

As a Christian part of having God at the center of your life and living like it, is having the Gospel as the foundation. 

Obviously I know the gospel.....but as I read and I come across things about living the gospel, speaking the gospel, etc. I always realize that I'm probably not gospel living like I'm meant to.

I've been puzzled long enough - I'm going back to the basics and I'm searching out answers! 

So far these two websites seem promising (along with the others I usually refer to):



If you could, where would you direct me on my search for Truth?


  1. Well sister,
    I'd say you're already on the right path to searching for the Truth: God's Holy Word. Ask God for wisdom (James 1:5). He's faithful in giving it! Keep searching the Bible and He'll guide you! I know how you feel, I think. I hear so many different things from various "believers" and I honestly get so confused!

    My mom told me this recently, "Study the Word and read man's opinion sparingly..." If we just focus on what GOD is saying to us and not focus so much on what MAN says, then perhaps we won't be confused as much?? Just keep looking to Jesus and seeking Him, friend! He'll pull you through!

    In Christ, Erin :]

  2. Hey Sis!

    You've been nominated for an award over at my blog! Go there to pick it up!

    Hugs -


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