Christmas Time Is Here

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas. Some people celebrate it, some people don't. Everyone has their reasons for everything they do.
For some, it's "tradition"!
For some, it's just doing whatever happens.
For others, it's about making new, purposeful traditions that glorify and honor Christ because the previous generations of their family failed to do so.

So, what I'm wondering is, how do YOU celebrate Christmas?
I want to know about Christmas morning at your house as well as anything else you do in the days leading up to and following Christmas.

Our Christmas celebration has changed over the years.

Over the next few days I'll share some of our Christmas with you!

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  1. I pray that your Christmas Yet to Come is full of meaningful traditions that don't change - as ours has through the years. We have a certain rhythm, for sure, but the only constant for the past 7 years or so has been Christ. I suppose that is the most important - but having those traditions! can make the memories and the reason more full.

    Love you -


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