The Days Before: Advent

Monday, December 14, 2009

We do nightly devotions during Advent season.

The things that fill this time of preparing our hearts for Christmas have changed each year.

We started with doing the Advent candles and a reading from "Jotham's Journey".

We made our way through that series over the next few years and then a few years ago, we discovered the Jesse Tree.

This year, we are celebrating Advent in several ways.
First we use the Jesse Tree. We read Scripture and a portion of a book that explains the topic of that night. Then someone opens the package containing that day's symbol that tells part of the account leading up to Jesus' birth. Whoever opened it gets to place it on the tree.
Then, we read a chapter from a book called "Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus".


  1. *grins* We did Jotham's Journey...and Bartholomew's Passage...and Tabitha's Travels (my least favorite). We also have a book that we have used since I was little--it includes turning all the lights out except a candle that you hold and seeing how Jesus came to be the light of the world. It also includes singing O Come O Come Emmanuel, now my favorite carol, but at that time one that we would struggle to sing sort of in tune!

  2. I love Advent! It keeps my focus on Jesus.


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