A Great Reward, pt. 2

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get that, I said I trust God completely in my dying and yet I do not trust Him completely in my living.

I know without a doubt what death means for me. As Ephesians 2:8-9 tells me I have been saved by grace, through faith. I have a home waiting for me in the eternal presence of God. I trust Him for that.

But wait a minute. I trust the most glorious One in the universe whom I have wronged. I have tarnished His name and deserve hell. Yet, I trust Him to look at the blood of Jesus and know me anyways. I can hardly express the seriousness of this.

My offense against God is infinitely worse than stealing a man's car, killing his family, burning down his house, and then going to court only to find out that he is the judge who will be declaring my guilt or innocence. I would be standing before that man broken knowing that I am not going to like my sentence.

Yet, here we have God, who in His mercy, says I know you have wronged Me. I know that, left to yourself, you would have spent your entire life struggling against Me, trying to suppress My Name and My Truth. Yet, in My mercy and grace I sent My Son as a sacrifice for the sins of My people. You are Mine. I know you, I love you. Your soul has been cleansed from all guilt and shame. Welcome home My good and faithful servant.

I trust God in my dying because of the work He has done in my life and the promises He has given me in His Word. I am sure of this, He is my God and I am one of His people.

That's the hard part. That's the part with eternal consequences.

If I know that the Holy God of all that exists, has pardoned my sin and has made a place for me at His table....How can I even begin to fear His plan for today or tomorrow?

I am sure of His plan for my life. It is for my good and His glory. It is to make me more like Jesus who perfectly carried out God's mission of making His Name known throughout the earth (Romans 8:28-29). Ephesians 2:10 tells me that He has my life planned.

Yet, in my foolishness, I can honestly say that when it comes down to it, I am not trusting God for what I know to be true about my living.

I believe my fear of these things is merely a symptom of some other sin. I know it's absolutely ridiculous to trust God in my dying and not in my living. I thank God that I have seen this and I trust that He will continue revealing the hidden sins I have kept from myself.

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