Walking in Truth

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rather than mimicking those saints that inspire me, I want to be like Jesus.

To do this, I need to seek God in His Word, through prayer, and worship. Not exactly how others have or do these things, but the way He leads me. It's a daily thing, a moment by moment thing. My journal will look different than theirs. My surroundings will be different than theirs. What is the same is the God at work and the truth being instilled.

Together, all of us form a body known as the Church. We, with all of our uniqueness, are the same in that we all are being changed into the likeness of Christ. As we are changed we are testifying to the Gospel of the grace of God. We are doing that ministry that we have received from the Lord Jesus.

Join me in serving God as the Church and as individuals. We have much to learn from each other and that is well and good. But rather than looking around trying to be like each other, let's look to Jesus.

After all, His is the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12). We may inspire each other, but we ought mainly to inspire each other to seek Him, to be like Him, and to please God with all that we are.

In these last two posts, I hope you heard one thing: KNOW God, today. As you abide in Him, your life will testify to that Gospel at work in you. You will be in the Word and in prayer. You will be a worshiper of our great God who captivates you.

We will live as though we exist to know Him, be known by Him, and make Him known to those around us.

It will be good. In fact, it is very good!


  1. Your all-encompassing love for the Lord shines through every sentence! I wish we lived closer! (-:

  2. Lauren, thank you for those sweet words. As I know you know, any good you may seem to see in me is simply the grace of God!

    It would be wonderful to live closer, wouldn't it?


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