April Mug Swap

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last month, I mentioned that I participated in a Mug Swap.

Susan, over at this BLOG hosted the swap.

We sent her our info and she paired us up with another blogger. We were supposed to visit our partner's blog, buy them a mug, get it sent to them sometime before April ended, and then post about it on our blog after we received our package. 

Emily, over at this BLOG was my partner. She and I both spent a bit of time on the road last month. 
We did manage to shop for each other and get our packages mailed in time!

Unfortunately, I am just now getting around to posting about the package that I received from Emily. :(

She went with a spring theme. Everything, including the note she popped into the box, was a bright color. She sent me a mug...But, she ALSO sent me some kitchen goodies and a book.

Not the greatest picture....Taken when it was too dark and with instagram to top it off. 

Somehow she figured out that what I needed was a travel mug! I have no idea where she got that idea....
Thank you, Susan! You should know that Emily and I enjoyed taking part in your mug swap.

This was a chance to put together a gift, receive a gift, and meet some new people along the way!

Have you ever taken part in any kind of blog swap? 

 This was my first experience, but since then I have seen all kinds. I'm definitely going to do something like this again sometime. 

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