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Monday, May 21, 2012

* Friday I took some time to organize my room. I decided that it was time to switch out my cold weather clothes for my warm weather clothes.

*Saturday morning I was in the kitchen preparing salads and dessert for a BBQ that evening. 

No matter how large the cutting board, I always end of scooting things OFF of it.
Broccoli Salad
Macaroni Salad

*It was a day to clean up the house and yard and get some laundry done.

*That evening, friends came over for the first BBQ of the season.

Banana Pudding on the way to be ready to eat.

*Later on, I crawled into bed and attempted to watch "Exposed" on Netflix. While it wasn't good enough to recommend, I enjoyed it because it was a mystery and old (i.e. black and white). 

*Sunday, was my favorite day of the weekend. It was long and very full. 

*The morning began with breakfast on the back patio. I realized that it had cooled off, was slightly humid, and looked like some RAIN might be coming. 

*A little later on, I grabbed some left over juice from the BBQ and a made some more progress in a book that I have been reading. 

*I spent some time playing...A sword turned lightsaber fight with my brother, baseball, and even some SLINGO on an app. that I just found. 

*I had lunch with my sister and enjoyed being able to just sit and talk with her for a while.

*We finished the latest Mary Higgins Clark book that we had been reading. It was better than the last book of hers that I read. Taking a trip to New York through her books is always fun!

It was a nice weekend. The rain is sticking around and I'm pretty excited about that because I've been wanting some of it to come our way! No trips, nothing too exciting, just a simple weekend at home with my family and some friends. 

Now, it's Monday and we're onto yet another week in this world. 

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  1. anything by Paul David Tripp is awesome! oh and i am in love with broccoli salad! i'm reading my first Mary Higgins Clark book right now - "Under the Cajun Moon." SO GOOD.


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