The Finale: Be a Lion

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A few years ago, I got a new CD called "Lions and Liars" by Sho Baraka  who was an artist with Reach Records. I took some time to post about this project once.

You can check out the series that I wrote about it here if you want to.
As I went through these posts again, I realized that I never finished posting everything that I had hoped to in this series. It's sort of cheesy, but I loved it then and I'm still challenged by this man now.

I recently found a drafted post that would have served as the conclusion... 
If you read that series you know how much this project blessed me. If you read this blog then I hope you begin to know how much the idea behind this project impacts the person that I am. 

Here's the post....Here's a summary of my aim. Sometimes I seem to forget. Sometimes I get sidetracked. It's always there and God is always bringing me back around to remind me of what is important in this life. 


In the words of the man, Sho Baraka himself (taken from an interview):

"Ultimately, what I'm trying to communicate is that no matter where you serve, no matter what you do...If you're a teacher, if you're a doctor, if you're a hip hop artist, if you're in an office, if you're working a 9 to 5, if you're a stay at home mother, if you're a dancer....No matter where God places you, master that arena for the glory of the Lord. That's what lions do. They know their territory and they take over. There are so many lies that we have to fight against. Whether it be the world, the flesh, satan, or the ways of contemporary culture. Be a lion for the Lord and roar!"

"You have a responsibility to articulate the correct theology. To correctly reflect the Lord and His Church. Be mindful of your life. Do not let sin and pride well up within your heart. Make promoting the Gospel the focus of your life. We'll all have to answer to what we do for the Lord."

Be a lion for Him, ROAR with a big lion shout!


On a side note, Sho Baraka has branched out from Reach Records. I don't know him personally so I can't know exactly what or why he's doing what he is. I do know that he continues to pour himself out for the Gospel and his culture through promoting art that points people to the Gospel and the beauty of all that God has made. 

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