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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Earlier today I came "back" and gave you a post about the most important part of the last five weeks. 
Now I just wanted to take a minute to unload a list of happenings...I've been:
* Driving A LOT - here, there, and everywhere.
* Making a bee-line trip to South Dakota to see my brother for the first time in 3 years - I'm NOT a spontaneous person, but that was the very best crazy thing I've ever done. I'll write more about it another day. Again...I bawled my eyes out. 
* Enjoying time with the people at the ranch - being there almost every Wednesday night and Sunday along with "just because" visits in between has been good for my soul. There is just 
something about being around people that love God...epsecially in the middle of hard times.
* Being a bit crazy with my friend Heidi and her two kids - it's not all diapers and house work...We've spent time taking pictures, running errands, painting, cleaning up things outside, planning a garden, BAKING, learning to make (the best ever) granola and artisan bread, crafting, crocheting (infinity scarves...that take FOREVER), butchering trimming a disaster of a grape vine, sorting clothes, discussing God's Word, learning about how Moms affect their new born babies, chasing sun, laughing at the wisdom that comes out of the mouths of three year olds and the faces and sounds that come from babies....In short, enjoying the life that God has given us. 
* Reading - my Bible, books for me, and the favorite book's of a three year old (over and over and over again). I forgot how much I love reading to toddlers. 
* Dinner parties with friends to celebrate birthdays and trips. 

* Putting together busy bags for a very busy three year old who is having to learn to entertain herself. 
* Watching my brother and sister prepare for their roles in a play that has now come and gone - With two leading roles and lots and lots of practices, it's kind of sad that it's over. It was fun! This year I only went to a hand full of practices, but I did get to enjoy the entire last week of preparation. The actual performances were an absolute blast. I cry every time at some point during play season...This year it came at the first dress rehearsal. There they were, 13 and nearly 15 up on the stage hamming it up singing and dancing and looking amazing.....Lines memorized, choreography learned, and costumes finally put together....There I was, sitting out in the audience with a grin on my face, a happy heart, and tears trickling down my cheeks as I realized, "They've done it again!". 
* Going to a conference and meeting up with my friend Corina (who I also haven't seen in a very long time) - It was great to sit under the teaching of some people who are DEDICATED and PASSIONATE about discipleship in the home, the church, and the community. These are people who are interested in being disciples committed to God and His Word and helping others do the same. All the while, their lives revolve around helping others see that God has given them the same calling and grace to be and make disciples as well. 
* Winning my first BINGO in a long time - I got a golden egg and brought home $10. Just to be clear, I play maybe 20 games of bingo a year at the little community events that happen around holidays. And going out with my family for a night of bowling, visiting, and bowling alley food. 
I told you...It's been full and it's been good. Now I'm taking this day to rest a little bit. I'm not sure what the next five weeks hold.
 Instead of thinking about it or trying to figure it out, I'm trying something new. I'm trying to rest in the fact that God does know and that He will bring whatever is next to me as He has every single time before. 
This time, instead of being anxious about it or trying to make all of the decisions myself, I'm praying. Not about specific options or choices, but just praying that He would lead and guide and keep me right where He wants me. 
Peace, ladies...Peace and joy. Those are what I want to be marked with. Who knew that five weeks could show me what I've been trying to see for the last few years. 
I don't need to make lists. I don't need to make black and white final decisions. What will happen will happen and I can be His. 
I wish I could explain to you what I'm thinking and what I've seen. For once, I can't. 
I just KNOW that I KNOW that God is in control and I am called to DRINK His Word and be full of the peace and joy that knowing Him brings. 
No pressure. No plans. One day, one step, one moment at a time! 

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    Sounds like these past 5 weeks were exactly what you needed. Everything you listed sounded wonderful, from yard work, helping a new mom, siblings in plays, getting in the Word, etc....all so absolutely refreshing! SO GLAD you were able to do this VIctoria! <3


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