You'll Thank Me Later

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Excuse the reference to Monk in the title of this post...I love Monk. My family says it's because I AM Monk. Whatever the case, I use those four words almost DAILY.

Just so you know, I'm really not nearly as bad as Monk. We just have a lot in common, but I'm normal about it. 

Today I've got something special up my sleeve. I am not known to share recipes. My motto is, "If you like something I made, come back to my house and I'll be sure to make it for you." :) Nice, right? I always smile when I tell people that! 

A few weeks ago, I saw this recipe on the side of a box of Pillsbury cake mix. Chocolate, peanut butter, m&m's, and peanuts, it really doesn't get much better. I bought everything I would need and whipped up a batch. So simple and so awesome. 

They look pretty impressive too! 

Sometime, I'm going to make these things from scratch, but for now...A box of this, a container of that, and YUM is sure to happen. 

If you buy the cake mix, you'll see the recipe on the side. You'll see what I changed, do what you like! 

I wasn't a fan of the m&m's except for the way they LOOKED on the bars...I pulled them off my bar and ate them on the side. The peanuts on the other hand? Amazing! Like I said, you'll thank me later. 

If you give them a go, I'd LOVE to hear about it! 

What's your go-to dessert? 

What was the last awesome dessert recipe that you found?


  1. oh my gosh i'm drooling...i want it now haha!
    thanks for sharing!! YUMMMMM

  2. This looks amazing!!!!!!! I want to go to my kitchen and make it right now. :-)

  3. Yummy! Mama found a coconut cake recipe that she's making for Easter--I can't wait!


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