First Weekend of Spring

Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm writing this post on the first Sunday evening of SPRING. I made that pie (a butterscotch cream) earlier this evening and enjoyed a piece of it over a game of "Politics" with my Mom....This weekend really began on Friday.

That day was full of grocery shopping, errands, and PAINT BUYING. I'm so excited about this little project that it actually makes me feel a little silly. Lunch at Arby's also happened which is becoming a favorite of mine for every once in a while.

Saturday the goal was to get a cat house built and begin sanding my ceiling. The cat house took FOREVER so the ceiling gets to wait some more. Still, the day was super productive! I did a bunch of cleaning, dishes, clutter busting, laundry, and I detailed my car because it was super warm outside. We didn't eat until like 8pm, but by then, the BBQ ribs, beans, and cornbread HAD to happen.

Today the day started out slow with a cup of tea (I discovered Irish Breakfast Tea recently and I am really enjoying that) and some time to read. I fixed a big breakfast, went for a walk, and then gathered for Bible study with my Mom and brother. From there, I spent some time skyping with my friend Shauna...I feel like I've known her FOREVER and I forget just how much I wish we lived closer.

After skyping it was time for more food. I tried my hand at a nacho dip inspired by Ree's "Queso Fundito". It was good and definitely hit the spot, but I'm thinking freshly grated cheese might be a good idea.

The rest of the day went something like reading outside, updating goodreads, realizing just how beautiful this time of year is when the temperature actually gets above 60, baking a pie, and playing games.

That's the makings of another great weekend if you ask me.

Maybe you can't be with EVERYONE you love...Maybe you aren't feeding the poor or helping the sick...But, maybe you're enjoying God with some of the ones you love and sometimes that's just what your soul needs.

Weekends like these are certainly nice and I pray that a day will come when they include people who need a little help seeing God in their lives.

How was YOUR weekend? 

Did you try any new recipes?

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