Through the Rain

Friday, March 07, 2014

I had a shadow again this week. We did lots of driving, went for a few walks which included stops to pick things up or find the wind chimes or a bird that we could hear, played Uno, went to the library, read stories, made biscuits, cleaned the sink, and learned about coins.

Yesterday when I took Heidi's daughter home, it was drizzling. I love driving in the rain! I noticed a lady sitting out on a covered patio looking out at the road. It seemed a little cold to be sitting outside, so I wondered what she was doing. That's when I noticed that there were two other people with her. One was leaning up against the wall with his back to the road and the other was sprawled out looking the same direction as the first lady I noticed. 

As I drove by, I only saw them for a few seconds, but my thoughts stayed on them for a while.

What were they talking about? How did they meet? How was it that on a Thursday afternoon they decided to sit outside while the rain came down silently all around them? 

There they sat visiting and enjoying the quiet that rain brings. 

I drove by enjoying the same rain and the same quiet.

Whoever they are, however they met, and whatever they were talking about - sitting there, they reminded me that for all the trouble in this world, there are still patios where people sit and visit without the pressures of life weighing them down, if only for a moment. 

Maybe this weekend will hold a patio moment for you...If it does, get comfortable and let it help you look beyond whatever troubles you. Maybe that moment will be there to remind you of the work that God is doing in your life. 

Whatever you're facing, He's there using it to make you more like His Son. Jesus served well, loved with His whole being, and stayed close to God. How often did He go away to pray? I believe it was His communion with God - not the pressures of life on this earth, or the needs of the people around Him - that kept Him going.

God led Him and God is leading His people today. This weekend, use those patio moments to be with Him and to share what He's been up to in your life with whoever ends up in the quiet with you. 

Would you do me a favor? Would you take a minute now to tell me about a verse or book or scene that left your soul reminded of its anchor?

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  1. Wonderful words! On Wednesday, my pastor said something I'd never really thought of before and it really spoke to me. He said that in order for there to be a resurrection, there has to be a death. Not only with Jesus, but with things, situations in our lives that need to be put to rest in the name of Jesus. God is so good at speaking to us through people when we need it most!


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