The Scenic Route: A Weekend in Winter

Monday, March 03, 2014

I'm writing this towards the end of Sunday afternoon while drinking a glass of orange juice and watching the snow continue to fall outside my window. What a pleasant weekend this has been!

My goal Friday was to record a speech for my English class so that I could really enjoy the weekend. I recorded it that evening and finished the day with a plate of chili cheese fries and the second episode of Wives and Daughters.

On Saturday  the wind was blowing like CRAZY. It was March 1st and for some reason it just felt like SPRING. I decided to make waffles, mainly because I've been wanting to have some on hand in the freezer. Then it was time to head to a new Bible study group. Afterwards I fixed lunch, rotated the laundry, tidied the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, and settled in for episode three.

Jay came over for the rest of the afternoon and tacos since he's getting ready for a trip. The wind was still blowing and a million of the tiniest snowflakes I've seen all winter were swirling through the air. It was too warm for it to stick, but the peace that snow brings still came. Before I started dinner I was by myself in the kitchen and I just felt so happy all of a sudden.

Over the last few years I've come to love a good, quiet weekend filled with nowhere important to go, good food, friends and family, and plenty of time to be still. That's exactly what this weekend was turning into and realizing it just filled me thankfulness.

The evening ended with an affogato (I'll be telling you more about this another day just in case you don't already know) and the final episode of Wives and Daughters.

Salad wars...mine vs. 
my brother's 

Today I really haven't done much except for enjoy a nice long shower, fix a salad bar, and continue to watch the snow come down. It happens to be piling up today. I plan on spending what's left of the afternoon finishing Emily Freeman's book "A Million Little Ways" and reading my Bible. After that, we'll see what the rest of this weekend holds!

How was YOUR weekend? 
What has left you feeling happy and thankful lately?

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  1. My weekend was spent with silly high school senior girls at a 30 Hour Famine event! This week I'm looking forward to spending my evenings in books and watching documentaries before I head out of town for another youth even this coming weekend! Whew!


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