The Scenic Route: Spring, Spring, Spring

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

This last weekend was busy!

My Mom and I went curtain shopping and ate out at our favorite terriyaki place. After Bible study on

Saturday, we put the last coat of paint up in my room (I'll show you some pictures of that tomorrow). That evening the house was quiet, the painting was DONE, and I sat down with a book. Don't you love reading on a quiet evening?

Sunday was a true day of rest. Jay came over in the afternoon for some cake and ice cream and he joined us for a session of the Behold Your God study we're doing.

Saturday the gardening bug bit me...That just means that now I'm really, extra excited to get back to working in the dirt! It was like spring happened over night.

Slowly but surely, things have been coming back to life, but Saturday it was as if everything was finally really waking up! I noticed the trees had just barely started sprouting their new leaves.

Then yesterday it felt like full on summer. Every time I went outside I just wanted to stay out there. It was at least 70, but I'm sure it must have been ever warmer than that!

 Today, I'm thinking about putting aside a few other things and spending some time cleaning up my flower beds. When I got up this morning, I noticed how blue the sky was and decided to go walk around the back yard like a crazy person taking pictures shortly after 7...

Before I forget again, I did a guest post over at Kiki's blog yesterday!!! Kiki and I have been getting to know each other and I've really enjoyed it! You should go look around her blog and leave her a comment or two. We all love comments! :) 

What was your weekend filled with?

What is your favorite sign of spring?


  1. Love all of the green in your pictures! :)

  2. SO many pretty photos! The sun has been shining over here, too, making it so beautiful and the perfect weather for walks around the backyard (I do that, too!). :)

    Thanks again for guest posting!


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