What I Learned in March

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Before April gets going, I wanted to take a moment to think about what I learned this month and record some of its highlights!

Here we go, five things that I learned in March:

1. I began attending a new Bible study group this month. We're going through a look at the history of the Bible. At the second study I saw the tie between Jesus as the incarnate Word of God and the Bible as the written Word of God - both were placed in this world and breathed out by God by means of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 1:18, John 1:1 and 2 Timothy 3:16 are KEY.

2. A few weeks later, in "Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically" by John Snyder, I was studying John 10:27 and I was reminded of that fact that I am known by God. That thought always makes all the craziness of life on this earth disappear.

3. Speaking of craziness...I learned that I am super indecisive when it comes to paint choices. After a lot of thought, some advice from my Mother, and standing around in a paint store forever, I made the move.

4. A lot of choices need to be made. Choices in general overwhelm me. 

5.  When making meringue, I think the size of the bowl has an affect on how much the egg whites will grow. I need to test this, but I used a smaller bowl the last two times and my meringue just didn't grow as much as it normally did. 

Highlights of March:

*The month began with "goodbye Tacos" as a send off dinner for Jay. It snowed that day and I'm happy to say, that one month later, it seems like spring is REALLY here.

*I got truly sick for the first time in about a year. This is a highlight because MAYBE it means I got 2014's bug out of way.

*I got a bit of reading in this month...Some were read alouds with my siblings when they were sick.

* The Etsy Swap was great! I finally joined etsy and loved shopping for my partner. I was blown away by the gifts my partner sent to me! 

*Shauna and I finally picked a book to read together. Mine just came in the mail yesterday. I'm excited to be connected to her again and have this motivation to skype again soon. We're reading "The Culture-Wise Family" by Ted Baehr and Pat Boone.

*Food wise, I discovered Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea (YUM!), my Grandma Bingo's Lasagna, White Pizza with ricotta cheese, Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Butterscotch Cream Pie,  Salted Dulce de Leche (I "made" my own) Banana Cake...

*I LOVED attending the final practices for my brother and sister's play....They were FANTASTIC and working on the stage make-up is always great fun.

*Picking Jay up at the airport and doing a late night snack run. It was great hearing all about his trip looking through his pictures, and he even brought back some presents. I'm still looking forward to hearing more.

*Celebrating Alice's 90th birthday with her HUGE family. She only had 3 children, but they've got their own grandchildren now and her family really doesn't show any signs of slowing down. I finally got to meet her sister and it was great to see them enjoy each others' company.

*The painting finally began! I'm starting to get excited about the thought of putting my room TOGETHER.

So, that was March 2014. As usual, my spirits are doing well thanks to all of the good weather. These two Bible studies have been excellent for my soul. I'm ready for April even though I'm wondering how it got here so quickly.

I've got a few things up my sleeve today, here's to hoping that I pull them off!


  1. I love hearing the highlights and things you learned this month! So much fun!
    Cheers to an awesome April for you!

  2. Found your blog from a comment you left on Amy's (a love blog). I love the idea of the April Fool's Day dinner party. Made me laugh! Are you planning to blog about it?! I'd love to read it and "pin" it as a reminder for next year! :)


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