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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

September 2, 2015

August was a crazy month full of the final stretches of house hunting, house buying, the county fair, auditions (for my brother and sister, who both landed parts), a week with my friend's daughter just after she turned SIX, and then of course, the initial "voyage" to the new house. 

On Sunday I went to TWO churches and ended that night happy and full. I LOVE spending time with God's people!!! We tried out a church we plan on being a part of that morning and then joined some friends of ours at their church for an evening hymn sing. I'm eager to get involved and relieved that the wait is over.

The last week has been nothing but adventure. You should know that we're up to two chairs, a sleeper sofa, a big couch, one end table, and a cute little round table for the breakfast nook (which we got for 50% off yesterday)! I can only imagine what September is going to look like at this point! I've got some hopes...The main one being a somewhat predictable ROUTINE! :) In the meantime I'm currently...

Reading: "The Sea Keeper's Daughters" which happens to be the very last book on my summer reading list.  It's getting off to a slow start, but I'm sure it's going to be good. I'll keep you posted with a full review SOON.

Making: Lists of things we need for this house. It's strange to cook in a half empty kitchen.

Anticipating: Whatever the next few months will bring. My birthday NEXT Saturday. Book club discussions on "Dollbaby" which happens to be this month's read in my Read It. You should join us!

Loving: My family. I've been a pill lately (worrying, stressing, and freaking out on the first night here when a guy creeped me out) and they've loved me through it allllll. God. He is SOOOO faithful and SOOOOO GOOD. This half summer/half fall weather. I LOVE summer and I really LIKE fall. I guess you call this the best of both seasons. 

What are you currently up to

I skipped out on the "pinning" section that Jenna and Anne assigned, but I'd love to see a board you've been working on lately...Especially if it's fall related! Do you have one?  



  1. Soo, I wanna hear more about the creepy guy. It sounds like you have been ridiculously busy! I know you long for some sense of routine. Yay for your birthday! Do you have anything fun planned??

  2. Hoping allis welling your new "pad"!! Will you be able to find a job in this new location?Change can be scary and exciting allot once!

  3. birthday is soooo close <3 <3 <3

  4. Getting to the last book on your summer list... that makes it sound like a very successful summer, on top of all the house hunting and buying and such (exciting!). And happy almost birthday - yay!

  5. Haaaappy early birthday, girl!! Any fun plans?

  6. A NEW HOUSE!? That's amazing! Will we see before and after pictures?


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