Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, September 10, 2015

You guys have been the greatest supporters through all of these uncharted waters that I've been sailing through since August. Well, actually, you've been great all along. The last few months have just shown me exactly how great you all are! Thanks for sticking around and continuing to comment too.

This weekend flew by in a flash. After a yard sale where we picked up my FAVORITE print ever, a mirror, two sets of silver, a couple of other prints, a little side table, some costume jewelry, and a free monopoly game (all for less than $40), we headed back HOME. We had some billing to take care of and some restocking to do.

Being home was nice. We had lunch at the local sit down joint and I took a minute to bask in the familiarity of it all. Do you want to know the two things about a new city that I'm not loving? I'm a blogger so, of course, I'll tell you! One: The lack of a corner grocery where you're considered a regular. Two: The traffic. It's not the waiting or the lights or any of that that gets me, it's the fact that every outing feels like trying to figure out HOW to get where you are going without getting clipped by a motorcycle (there are some VERY poor operators in this area) or a little car that's decided to squeeze somewhere it shouldn't.

Sunday was my favorite. It was rainy and chilly. We came back Saturday so that we could go to church at "our" church. I saw Joan again and introduced myself to two more people (Julia and Jamie). Hmmm...Apparently I am drawn to people whose names begin with "J". Fun fact: My best friend growing up was Jordan. We joined our friends at their church for a potluck that afternoon. My brother and sister got invited to join a bunch of their friends for some ultimate frisbee. My Mom and I spent the rest of the day sprucing up the house with some of our finds from a quick yard sale run that morning. I've decided that I'll be showing you guys corners of this house. It's going to be a long while before an entire room comes together 100% and with all of the the thrifting that we're doing I'm not sure that any of them will be totally cohesive.

This post is really about Sunday. Once that little corner above was all set, we turned my latest favorite Pandora channel (Early Jazz) on. Combined with the quiet house, the rain coming down, and the knowledge that we had nowhere else to be that day, it felt like HOME. We read, wathced the next episode of Tommy and Tupence (which you need to watch by the way) and then after a while we played some backgammon (I won the first two games and she won the last one). After making fajitas, we called it a night.

For years, we've spent labor day weekends at the ranch. Slowly, that tradition has become hit and miss. With everything that this weekend held, I'd say it was a great substitute.

How did you spend the holiday weekend? 

What are your favorite fall comforts?


  1. I'm glad you're starting to feel so at home! New beginnings are so stressful but so nice sometimes.

  2. Sounds like you had a great Labor Day weekend! Thanks for sharing little snippets of your home.I feel like I have missed an important part of who you are when you say "billing and restocking? " We worked around the house and went to a neighbor's for a cookout.Itwas very relaxing.

  3. It sounds like you're getting into the groove. I wish I could hit some good yard sales. This little town doesn't have very many good ones. Can't wait to see your "corners". I'll be looking up the books you commented about on instagram soon.

  4. I hope this new home continues to feel like HOME to you! I moved a lot growing up so I adapt pretty easily, but Christopher took some time adjusting to Memphis as "home" after we moved here. Now he loves it, though. It just takes a little time sometimes.

    Glad you find so many great deals at the yard sale!

  5. Awww, Victoria! I'm so glad you got to go home, and that family time sounds so precious. I'm praying for you in this new season!!!

  6. our problem here is that cars don't look for the motorcycles.
    and i hope you start feeling more like HOME and not like a "new place" <3


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