Fall Resolves

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

November 8, 2014

You guys, fall is in the air. It's even starting to show itself in the leaves. As much as I love fall, I am never eager to see summer go. As always, fall starts showing up and slowly but surely, I come around to welcome the changes even though I know they mean that winter really is just right around the corner (the PNW is a funny place when it comes to seasons).

September 1st happens to be one of my favorite days of the year. It's sort of like a second new year for me. Fall whips people back into shape after summertime living. Since my birthday is just eleven days away, that adds to the whole "time is ticking" aspect in my own life.

A few weeks ago I drafted some resolves for this fall. So far, I've got four going:

Listen - to God and to people. Be slow to speak and always listening.

Journal - more and this "new" way. Let it out. That space is private.

Continue with Galatians - it's been a while, pick it back up and keep at it. Stick with it.

Think - read your Bible and look at the world. As you do, stop to think and pray. When understanding comes, thank God because it's from Him. Don't settle for just floating along in a fog.

Fall is a time to quiet my soul and to discipline my mind. With inspiration from the Bible, L'Engle, Piper, and my own personal goals for myself, I'm ready for a fall full of God's grace!

What are your resolves for this fall? 

Is there a time of year that feels like a second new year for you? 


  1. Fall is always like starting anew to me, even more so than New Year's Day. It's like starting fresh, and probably because of the feeling of "back to school" that I still get to this day. Time to get back into gear, to clean up our summer messes and pull out the sweaters!

  2. I agree! Fall is like a second New Year's for me. I welcome fall with open arms...It's just another reason for me to indulge in more coffee than I need. Haha.

    I really need to open my ears and heart to God and others as well. I wonder why we make it so difficult to do that.

    I'd like to reread Galatians! In fact I may make this a fall goal for me as well!

  3. Totally agree that Fall feels like starting fresh! I'm looking forward to getting more focused on my goals!

  4. i definitely need to listen more...it's something i find myself struggling with more often than not.
    and i'm so ready for fall, summer here has been atrocious!

  5. That picture of the leaves from last year is so pretty!

  6. I love all the seasons, I really do. However Fall is my favorite! It comes at a great time, right after summer. Summer is so busy, busy, busy, and weekends are spent doing anything and everything to soak up the fun and sun. I know fall can be a busy time for some, especially those with kids, but for me, it welcomes in a somewhat slower time. When fall hits, I tend to just slow down and enjoy the little things more. Fall is cozy and warm, right where I like to be. So, this fall I want to embrace the slowness and the quietness and use those times for re-energizing myself, spending time with the Lord, not missing the little things, but also pouring myself into others where I can.

  7. These are all such good resolves and ones I should add to my life as well. Thanks for sharing!


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