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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

January 11, 2017

Since the middle of February I have been consciously collecting a list of things that will help me (or have prepared me to) DO this thing called BASKING that I've set out to do in the year ahead. If I'm honest, the occasional blue skies and the sun poking out from behind the clouds are my steadiest reminder, but there are things along the way that have done a lot of work too.

Here are some resources that have prepared me for 2017:

A sermon: The Glory of God in the Good Resolves of His People by John Piper - I'm not sure how many times I've listened to this sermon, but I've had it on my iPod for two whole years now. It's a theme that's on my mind often. I wrote about it here and it influenced the word I chose to focus on last year.

A book: Grace For the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman - I've read Freeman's blog for YEARS. She writes the way I long to write, connecting her faith to the most ordinary of moments in her everyday life. I read this book a while ago, but it was in its pages that I finally GOT what it was for Jesus to be about His Father's business. This book made me DIG around in the Bible. It encouraged me to look to Christ's example as I sought to BE a Christian. This is NOT another women's book about "letting go and letting God". It will breathe TRUTH into your soul and it will  challenge you to stand firm.

Some prose that reads like a poem: Scrolling through instagram one day back in October, I came across these words by C.S. Lewis (it turns out they were taken from a section out of Mere Christianity). It goes like this:


"If you want to get warm
             you must stand 
            near the fire: if
           you want to be 
               wet you must get 
           into the water.
             If you want joy, 
                    power, peace, eternal 
              life, you must get 
                  close to, or even into,
        the thing that 
 has them."
                         - C.S. Lewis

Here are some things that are keeping me focused in 2017:

A playlist: Bask 2017 - This won't be for everyone, but it's the kind of music that I can't help but be grateful to have in my life. These songs have been encouraging me and teaching me and challenging me for years. Hit shuffle and ENJOY!

A plan: Stay in the Gospels - In light of the task this word spurs me onto, I felt the best place to go was to the example of Jesus Christ, Himself. So, I've been spending time with Him in the Gospels. I started with John, then moved on to Mark, and I'm going to start Matthew today. I can't remember who said it, but a theologian of old encouraged every Christian to always have their thumb in the Gospels no matter what other Scripture they were focusing on. In different seasons, I've attempted to do that.

Resolves: Going for walks in silence. Keeping a list of prayer requests handy and going over it or checking back in with the people that have asked me to pray. Journaling out Scriptures and lessons and prayers and preaching the Word to myself. Staying in touch with friends and listening to the stories of grace that they have to share or the burdens of faith they are carrying.

Is there anything you would recommend to me? 

What are some things that have been pointing you to God lately? 


  1. I read Grace for the Good Girl a few years ago, and it really spoke to me. It was just what I needed to read at that time. I LOVED it! Glad you did too. Love John Piper! I've heard him preach in person once! It was awesome.

  2. Spending time in the Gospels is a favorite of mine. I like different Bible study programs that make sure I stay well rounded with reading other scripture as well, but the Gospels are always my favorite!

  3. That CS Lewis poem is so deep--as is all his writings!! Recently Elevation Worship has been pointing me to God (besides actually reading the Word)...they're a chill worship band and their music is great to have on in the background!

  4. I was thinking last night, I need more moments of actual silence in my life...time to pray, meditate, feel the quiet. If I'm sitting somewhere doing nothing, I'm not actually doing "nothing;" I'm usually scrolling through something on my phone mindlessly. If I'm in bed with some time to spare before bed, I'm usually reading. There are very few moments of my day where I'm not connected to something (phone/laptop) and I need to consciously put space between myself and those things that prevent me from absolute quietness.

  5. I've been meaning to read Grace for the Good Girl. I'll have to see if they have that at my library. I love Emily's blog and instagram feed. I think I'm going to try going on a walk in silence too. I ALWAYS have headphones with either music or a podcast, but I wonder what I will hear if I'm not listening to anything!

  6. Great playlist! I love those Lecrae songs! His lyrics are so inspiring.


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