Open Letters pt. 3

Friday, April 21, 2017

March 30, 2017
You guys, I just finished sitting down with God and my journal to go over a few things. Do you ever do that? Let me tell you...It's good for the soul! It's shaping up to be another sunny day which can go down on the list of the things I'm grateful for right now.

Last night, I hosted my second "somebody else sent the invites" get together and it went really well. When you tell God you want to work on something, He gives you opportunities. I'm making the most of them, saying "let's do this" as often as I can, and praising Him for the grace that He is granting me along with each one.

It's Friday...The house is CLEAN, I'm meeting with Jay for coffee, hoping to have Abigail over, and going over to Emily's for tea tomorrow. It almost seems like I'm overdoing it, but then, maybe this is just the way things are going to go for a while. In any case...How about a few letters?

Dear Easter 2017,

You were about as lowkey as they come and I kind of loved you. From spending alllll morning at church eating and worshipping and visiting to laying around the house for the rest of the day with my family, you turned out to be just what we needed.

Dear McCafe,

I should have known that your coffee was going to be the worst. Just a little tip, you've really got to switch things up. Take a line from Don Francisco's book. We won't be buying you again. Sorry. Only, not really.

Dear John,

Thanks for including the words of God in verse 28 of chapter 12. I can't get that verse out of my mind lately and I'm super grateful. Ever since I was a kid, I've needed to know the reason behind everything I do and that verse has been doing all kinds of work in my heart lately.

Dear Rachael,

That spa night we had last month was just what I needed. Between the face scrub and that mask, my face hasn't been this soft in years. Every time I wash my face, I'm still amazed at how soft it still is. We may just have to have some east coast/west coast spa nights. I wasn't kidding about facetiming when you're having a night in...Let's make this happen!

Wherever you find yourself this Friday, I hope your soul is feeling refreshed!!! The sun comes out after the night passes. It's something we can count on. Happy Weekend!

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  1. I miss reading your blog! I'm so behind in the blog world.

    But YES, McCafe is the worst. I, too, am unsure of what my expectations were. But they were not met. Haha.


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