What I'm Into: Right Now

Friday, April 28, 2017

March 30, 2017
The other day I jotted down a list of ideas to blog about. This post wasn't on that list, but creativity leads to creativity, so here we are. Let's share some things that we're into RIGHT NOW...

* The Little Prince. A Man Called Ove. Grantchester (season 3 is airing in America, you guys!!!).

Broccoli Salad. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Turning leftovers into dinners two and three times over.

* Dry cereal without milk.

* Learning more about writing from F. Scott Fitzgerald himself.

* Mornings on the patio.

* Friends...Getting together with them. Talking with them. Having conversations in the comments of each other's blogs.

* When the sun starts to shine just as I'm getting ready to clean the house.

* Opening the windows.

* Having so many reasons to say "Thank you" lately.

* Writing fiction again.

Before I sign off for the weekend, I'll leave you with a few more things...This poem. This song. This video (which I may or may not quote whenever I see someone swerving). This hobby. And two lovely examples of what happens when bloggers decide to ramble.

So, tell me, what are YOU into right now?


  1. I'm glad we're having conversations! :)

  2. I love opening the windows this time of year! :) And all the sunshine too!


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