Blog Design: The Process

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Once my list was made and my goals and assignments were laid out, it was time to decide on fonts and colors for everything. This was both fun and totally frustrating. Scrolling through pictures is super easy, but you've got to narrow it down.

I made folders and started collecting images. I searched for fonts and kept track of the ones that seemed promising. And then I sorted. I ended up with three main theme ideas and built a vision board for each one:

Beach Theme

Rainy Green Theme

Favorite Picture Theme
The process of coming up with each board clued me into the exact direction I was headed. If you notice, the fonts were the first thing I decided on (I used the same fonts on each board). The colors were all strong, yet muted earthy tones.

As I look around the design I settled on, I realize that I didn't end up going with any one board. Instead, I selected a little something from each board and wove them together to create a look that I'm pretty happy with.

If I'm honest, there are still some things that I would like to fiddle with. I go back and forth with the shade of purple that I chose and I really miss the pops of navy. I never did find a font for the body of my posts that I ADORE.

When I started this series I said that I was so happy with my re-design that I haven't changed a thing since then. The thing about blogging, like pretty much everything else in life, is that there can always be a better thing. We can get things JUST the way we want them and then we begin to see that there is still room for improvement. The thing to do is to do your best, to not be afraid of messing things up, and to be satisfied with the way things turned out.

That's what I did and I'd encourage you to do the same!

Did you make an inspiration board for your blog?

Do you have any suggestions for THIS blog of mine?


  1. I use Lato for my body font, and for most of the things I've designed lately to be honest. It's simple and easy to read, easy on the eyes.

  2. I think you did a fabulous job! I like the clean look on blogs :)

  3. Oh wow! You did so much research on this. I love how it turned out!


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