A Day Off

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

February 4, 2014

On Monday, Zach and Monica drove over to spend the day with us. I had been planning a few different options for the day, but when I heard that they were coming, I gladly pushed everything else aside and looked forward to being with them. My youngest brother turned 18 on Sunday and their trip was inspired by that, so the day felt like another chance to celebrate.

We laughed over old times. Had heart to hearts about the days ahead. Played games and ate and enjoyed every second we had before they had to leave. Monica and I made the most of the sunshine and blue skies with what might have been a 3 hour walk.

It was Martin Luther King Jr. day, so nobody had anywhere to be and every errand sat forgotten. They're the kind of friends that are easy to just be with. They don't require entertaining. They'll let me feed them tacos with canned refried beans and toast and tell me how good it all is. And they'll  even help me make it. We've all known each other so long that we pretty much can't remember not knowing each other.

Being with them was kind of like the shopping cart full of goodies. And it got me thinking and realizing that that's what I'd put in my cart...A day to just be with the people I love.

We'll eat and laugh and talk and play games. We'll make messes and tidy them up. We'll enjoy fresh air and probably a walk. We'll be quiet. We'll listen and ask questions. We'll remember.

All it takes is a day off.

What would you do with a day off? 


  1. This sounds like a wonderful day with your friends! I wish I could come make and eat tacos and chat all day with you!

  2. I loved that day so much!!! :) Time with friends is a wonderful gift. Thanks again for having us!!


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