July 365

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Taking pictures outside with my new camera was a lot of fun. Maybe trying new things isn't so bad?  Nectarines are showing up in stores, I ate a really good one today! I wonder if I'll be missing Keats by the time this is posted?

July 2 - 8
Vacation at the ranch...We did our own cooking to give the ladies at the ranch a "break". I had my camera, but didn't take any pictures this time around.

2) Busy day getting ready to take off. Visited with Alice for quite some time in the morning. I don't have much to say other than I am getting excited about this week away with so many great people.

3) Loading up and heading out. Made some stops along the way to pick up fireworks, eat some fair food, and pick up snacks for the week. Once I was all settled in, vacation began.

4) Spent the day in the kitchen visiting and prepping salads and things for the week. Shot off fireworks with some friends, their daughter, and their new dog who LOVED the fireworks.

5) My friend Heidi and I went into the garden to dig up strawberry plants. After lunch, another friend came up to the ranch for the first time. More visiting in the evening with some new friends.

6) Another (early) morning spent visiting with Tori on the front porch. Picked cherries in the afternoon. More visiting until LATE....

7) A lazy day to rest. We've done about all of the catching up we can do. This afternoon, I decided to find a shady spot to watch a bunch of kids do archery. I did my fair of sitting today because I twisted both of my feet last night.Thankfully, there are plenty of people around to keep me company.

Home from the ranch. Great week of vacation minus the little spill that kept me off my feet from Friday night on. Loved getting to know some new people and swapping stories about the grace of God. The rest of the unpacking can wait until tomorrow. 

It's officially HOT (we're talking over 100). Keeping the blinds closed until this heat wave passes. Lots of unpacking, laundry, and planning the rest of the week. Even though I helped with the cooking at the ranch, I'm itching to get back in the kitchen. I'm wanting to fix bacon, biscuits, and meat loaf.

I am cheating today...This is actually a picture from yesterday. I didn't take any pictures today. This is from a little lemonade, sausage, cracker, and cheese "party" we had on the patio yesterday afternoon. It's how we beat the heat. Today, was full of driving, shopping, laundry, and gardening. It was also another great day at the summer Bible study getting to know a new group of ladies.

Packed up and headed back out. The ranch has become a second home...Well, I actually have quite a few "other" homes. This summer, the ranch has pulled into second. Picked up some friends who joined us in this round of helping out. Really swam for the first time this summer. The water felt GREAT.

Found ourselves in the kitchen prepping salads for the weekend and any other foods we could get ready beforehand. Went to town in the afternoon for a few things and had to stop at DQ. Today's choice was Georgia Mud Fudge. The trip back was quite scenic (ie I missed a turn). It just meant more time in the air conditioned car.

Another HOT day...Here I am at the end of it up to my elbows in dirty dishes. Today was great. Went swimming again, finished a little collage project, enjoyed a game of "Empires", and managed to get some sleep.

Home again. Just in time for a HUGE storm. It rained, it thundered, it lightninged (is that a word?), and there were some HUGE puddles. I drove through part of it, but was home to enjoy the rest of it on my couch with a book and a fresh batch of sweet tea.

Not the best picture, I know. This was a beautiful night out on the patio that came after a great day at home. Blogging, organizing pictures, catching up with my brother on the phone, and planning what my week was going to look like. July has been very full. I can't believe it's already half over!

Still enjoying being back at home for the week! Today I started The Great Gatsby, visited Alice, spent some time in the kitchen (KEY LIME PIE, breakfast for dinner: biscuits, sausage links, and peaches), and did a few things around the house.

Another Bible study day, lunch with friends, and a stop at a new to us bookstore. As we were looking at books, I said, "Now, if I was a REAL blogger, I would be taking pictures of this place." It wasn't the biggest shop, but it was FULL of books. I heard the owner say something about having like over 50,000 books on the shelves right now. So, my Mom, who is the real blogger,  takes my camera and starts shamelessly taking pictures. Why can't I do that? Anyway, this is totally posed, I'm about to start laughing, and I had to post it to show you that yes, I'm a dork too.

This is probably going to be one of my favorite pictures from the summer! We went to the lake today and took the boat out for the first time. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of lakes. Even though they are warmer than rivers, there is just something about nice CLEAN river water that floats my boat a little bit more. We got lots of sun today and managed to come home with good spirits.

Today, I went with my Mom, brother, and sister to pick up our van where it was getting fixed. Unfortunately, we made the trip for nothing because it wasn't ready and they forgot to call. Thankfully, we had planned to do a few other things that day. First up was seeing the new Spiderman movie. I did not expect to like it - but I actually did. We also got to sit with at least 15 other cars, trucks, and semis while a train picked up some new cars. During out rather long sit, I snapped some pictures of the wheat fields that are beginning to change. While we were out, we also did some geocaching and had a burger, fries, and a blizzard at DQ.

Today, my Mom and I went together to pick up the van. It was ready today. This is a site I've been seeing a lot of lately. The steering wheel of my "trusty" Accord that has been nicknamed the lawnmower...So it smokes a little and the AC doesn't always work, is that a problem? (NOTE: I will have another Accord someday and I prefer Hondas.) Nice day spent with my Mom, dodging the massive storm that came in as we went from store to store.

Spent the day enjoying a summer festival. I love this picture that I snapped of my brother as he was learning tricks from a magician. My brother is a total ham, so he was flicking the cards and really looked like he knew what he was doing. The little boy (who I didn't even notice until I was going through the pictures later) in the back, was clearly impressed! There was a parade, candy, watermelon shaved ice, a book sale. When I got home, I found out that Tori is now in ICU. My heart is heavy this evening.

July 22

No pictures today. I had waffles and some sausage for breakfast out on the patio and I found out that Tori passed away this morning. It is sobering to think that I just said good-bye exactly two weeks ago today definitely expecting to see her again. Trying to praise God for the life He gives and the life He takes! 

I have loved this spot for years. Someday, I want to actually STOP and get some pretty pictures in these trees! Today, I was doing another drive by on my way back to the ranch. This time, there is a retreat to help with.

Today, after lunch a bunch of us went for a hike. This was just a piece of the beautiful scenery. We drove through this and hiked around through the rocks. There were caves and bats for some of us and a nice shady spot to sit and visit for the rest. My favorite part of this group was getting to meet and know a lady named Liz. She is probably in her 80's but here she is in the middle of nowhere wearing make-up, pearls, scarves, and just looking like a total LADY. The joy of the Lord is truly hers and it was great to hear her story.

Here are two men who set up camp....I saw them across the lawn and had to take a picture because they were just too cute not to. If I remember right, they were playing chess. This is a day up here. Just getting away from everything and spending time with other people. Nowhere to be, no phones ringing, no internet to check, just LIFE ON LIFE.

Today was a HOT day. Most everyone spent the day down by the water. We were no exception. My sister had planned to go riding with a friend. She had her mind made up and the heat did not stop her! As soon as she got back, we all headed down to the water until it was time to prepare dinner for the guests. This is the new dog that I mentioned before who will be keeping Cassie company.

I cheated again...This picture was actually taken on the 25th. But, I had already decided to share a different picture on that day. Today, we didn't do any swimming. We got things packed up and headed back home as early as we could after breakfast was all cleaned up. Back home, we headed over to have a BBQ with some friends.

Another Saturday spent at a summer festival. I wrote about this day pretty thoroughly in a post already. This was really a day for the kids. There were so many fun contests for them to compete in. This is a "pie" eating contest. My brother won some money in this one and my sister learned that pies are best eaten slowly.

Went to spend a few days with Alice to help her get back on her feet. The good news? She is HOME from the hospital now! The bad news, her AC went out and the repair guys can't come to fix it until Friday. This little fan is what's going to get me through the nights. We kept a bigger fan close by to get us through the days too. Tonight I made the BEST grilled ham and fried egg sandwich - I think it helps that it's being compared to two months worth of cafeteria food!

A day spent with Alice except for a trip to run errands downtown. We did some laundry, took a look around her yard, and watched the Olympics. It's been a LONG time since I've seen any of the Olympics and I actually enjoyed it. It reminded me of being with my Grandparents and having sports on the TV ALL day long. Pretty happy that the USA teams are representing so well too.

 A different kind of morning light than I am used to. I have grown to enjoy my quiet time with the Lord in this room. The house is quiet, the light STREAMS in, and I can just sit and be. I guess, this has become another one of my "other homes".

It's been a great month. Lots and lots of packing and driving and going. But then, that means getting to spend time with so many different people in so many different places. One more month and school will be starting up. Two more months and I'll be 22. Five more months and we will celebrate Christmas and the beginning of a 2013. 

Enjoy these last days of the summer of 2012. I hate to say it, but I think it's on the way out.


  1. I love this idea of showing pictures for the whole month! && I can't believe it's already August lol.

  2. I'm so glad you linked up!! Great July photos... And I LOVE that fan by the way. Super cute. :)


  3. such happy, fun pictures! Love the kitty- i have one that looks just like it! ;)


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