The Thing About Blogging...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

So, a week has gone by and for the first time in quite a few months things have been pretty quiet around here.

Some unexpected things came up.

For those of you who knew about my friend Alice, she is out of the hospital! I have spent the last few days helping her get ready to go stay with her daughter for a while. 

No posts were finished and scheduled to go up. I have been totally away from the internet during this time so nothing new got posted at all.

Most of you probably didn't even notice. 

For some reason, I kind of care. 

But, oh well. Life is life. I wouldn't trade LIVING my life for being able to record things and connect with people here.

Let's get back to it! 

The thing about blogging...

* TONS of people blog about TONS of things. Singles, wives, moms, fathers, husbands, highschoolers, pastors, theologians, cooks, bakers, graphic designers, artists, photographers....All blogging about what they are passionate about. 

*It takes PLANNING and TIME. I've learned that blogging isn't just something you can throw together. If you're going to blog, you're going to constantly be considering what would make a good post. Taking pictures, thinking about words, and keeping track of what people actually like. 

*It's FUN. Through blogs we learn, we teach, we make friends, and we leave ourselves another way to remember things in our lives. 

*It has me WRITING more. I love to write. I journal and draft short pieces all the time. But, here on the blog, my drafting is more thorough. I don't share most of what I write, but the thing is, it inspires me to keep writing.

*PICTURES, RECIPES, MEMORIES, OUTFITS, TUTORIALS, TRAVELING STORIES, WISDOM...Through blogs we have made these things easily accessible.  We meet over blogs to inspire one another. 

The INTERNET: the one thing about blogging that connects us all. We have come to pretty much depend on this lovely "invention". We all gather here to share and connect with people we know and get to know people we really don't because of some common ground we share.

Do you blog? Which of your passions comes through on your blog? What are some things about blogging that you've noticed?

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