The Scenic Route

Monday, August 06, 2012

This is truly going to be a scenic post. It was a quiet weekend at home catching up on things in the yard, house, and with e-mails. I am a creature of habit, so you can probably guess how the days went!

 The sky was blue. No editing involved.

Games were played.

 The grass was green.

 Life went on as usual in the skies.

Collages were made.

 Old favorites were read.

 A sunset was enjoyed.

And that's it....I caught up on some important things. I caught up on some not so important things (this blog and my nails). I made my first ever at home Arnold Palmer and drank several through the weekend.I played two board games and I can't tell you how they ended, because I promised I wouldn't. One was an old favorite (221 B. Baker Street) and the other was a learning experience (The Trumpet Game).


  1. the more scenic the better in my opinion!

  2. what a gorgeous sunset. i just love how God paints the sky - so glorious!!


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