You Know What It Is

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Every year, it never fails, at some point in August I realize (right along with many of you) that summer is almost over. Mid September, I realize that summer is still hanging on. Through October it goes back and forth between feeling like summer and being fall. Then Thanksgiving comes and there is no doubt about it, winter is here to stay.

Anyway, I spend August reminding myself that change is good and that in every season there are unique things that give me a reason to praise God. I usually post about it too. There is one quote in particular that I have posted several times

I think I've given in again, I'll love every ounce of summer that's left, but I'm ready for fall now too. (Okay, so I might have to tell myself this a few more times before I REALLY mean it). 
Yesterday morning I went out to take some pictures of the first few leaves that are falling of the trees. 

A few days ago, I made some soup and cornbread. (I also served a nice cold cantaloupe.) 

My throw blanket follows me around in the mornings, sweatshirts are coming out, and I have dark polish on my toes. 

Summer is a time when I, as silly as it sounds, feel most alive. I find myself in love with God's creation. I love feeling the sun on my skin and being able to spend so much time outside. During the summer there is a sense of community that seems to disappear come winter. 

So, during the summer I enjoy all that God has made in the fullest sense. 
Summer is a time to DELIGHT in God. 

Fall is the time when routine comes back. I find myself in love with God's ORDER. Every year I am reminded of His sovereignty and provision. I am always reminded of His work in my life. The summer leaves me feeling refreshed and I start fall with a sense of being recharged. 

Fall is a time to TRUST in God and be THANKFUL, for who He is and who He is making me. 

What are your favorite things about fall (or autumn if that's what you call it)? 

What is unique about the way you enjoy God's glory in this season? 

*The pictures in this post are: TOWELS still in their "summer place"// SUMMER scenes on Cape Cod// FALL scenes in Boston.*


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS THAT LEAVES TURN WHERE YOU ARE...ok i'm done yelling. :)
    Seriously though, leaves don't turn those gorgeous shades here...they just wither up and die. ha.
    GREAT reflections on summer & fall
    I love fall for so many reasons, hot tea, friends hanging out around a fire, etc.

  2. And all I want is for summer to be over. Like.. for real.

  3. Great Post! Micah is the same way, in the summer he comes alive! But when the fall hits, that's when I come alive. :) I think it's the beauty of God's creation that hits me so much. Here is Montana, the fall is the most beautiful (looking) season. The mountains look like patchwork quilts with all the tree's turning different colors. :)

  4. i'm so excited for fall this year! your photos of leaves changing really makes me crave it even more. lovely blog! xx

  5. Beautifully put my dear. There is something new of God to be seen in EVERY season! I adore fall (as you probably know), and love the peace that settles back on the world. Summer is full of delights and excitement, and fall is when the world starts to breathe slowly again...the air clears, we are start cozying up our "nests" and getting ready for the long winter...nights get longer and require the languid glow of candlelight... I just love everything about it :-)!


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